1st Edition

The Russian Far East The Last Frontier?

By Susan F. Davis Copyright 2003

    This book is a comprehensive introduction to the contemporary Russian Far East (RFE) and offers an argument about federal relations and power in the state. It is the only easily available, single volume book to examine the RFE in such depth.

    Chronology Preface List of Tables Map of Russian Far East 1. Introduction 2. History of Demographics of the Russian Far East 3. Of Governors, Oligarchs, and Presidential Envoys: Politics and Society in the RFE 4. Katastroika and Collapse or Barter, Trade, and Potential Wealth? The Economies of the Russian Far East 5. Regional and Foreign Policies: China, Japan and Koreas, and the United States 6. The Military and Military Industrial Complex 7. Conclusion Bibliography Appendices Internet Sites on the Russian Far East Major Industries in the Russian Far East Index


    Sue Davis is currently a professor at Denison University and an adjunct professor at the Air Force Special Operations School. She is the vice president of the Association for the study of Nationalities (ASN), worked as the Director of International Programs, Survey Research, and Minority Affairs at the American Political Science Association. Dr Davis specializes in the politics of Russia as well as the Caucasus region.