1st Edition

The Russian Intelligentsia From Torment to Silence

By Vladimir C. Nahirny Copyright 2018
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Vladimir C. Nahirny's brilliant study of major issues in Russian social and intellectual history synthesizes historical and sociological perspectives in an analysis of the nineteenth century Russian intelligentsia. He clarifies the concept of the intelligentsia itself, analyzes findings bearing on the social origins of different generations of intelligentsia, and enlarges understanding of conditions that facilitated the emergence of ideological groups among them. The Russian Intelligentsia develops a conceptually focused view of this distinct social group, arguing that the Russian intelligentsia can best be understood on the basis of orientation to ideas rather than on social or occupational position.

    Rather than simply providing an intellectual history or biographical sketches of major figures, Nahirny illuminates these concepts through data, creating an immersive context unlike other discussions of these groups. This book was, and will be, of interest to those interested in the problematic and contradictory social-political roles of intellectuals during this time.

    1. The Russian Intelligentsia: The Problem and Its Background, 2. Formation of the Cultural Elite in Russia, 3. Men of Letters: The Birth of the Intelligentsia, 4. Men of Ideas: Freelance Literati, 5. Men of Convictions: First Intelligenty, 6. Ideas and Their Carriers, 7. Men of Action: Intelligentsia and the Legacy of Domination, 8. Ideologization: The Problem and Its Background, Index


    Vladimir C. Nahirny