1st Edition

The Sales Multiplier Formula Simple Strategies to Multiply Your Sales by 4.68X

By Shawn Casemore Copyright 2024
    192 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    192 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    What do companies such as Northwestern Mutual Life, Nokia, and Zapier have in common? They approach selling differently than any of their competitors. Sales is not a transaction executed by the sales department; it’s a process that all employees support. The result? The sale value for each new customer is most often double, triple, or even quadruple what their closest competitors achieve. This book dives deeply into the exact formula for how you can achieve similar if not even greater results. Consider this your guide to shifting your organization from transactional selling to embracing a sales method that will explode your sales revenue, and engage your entire organization in doing so. The reason for embracing this method extends beyond achieving explosive sales growth. The author has coached thousands of sales professionals over the years and one challenge they face stands out more than any other. It’s that selling is becoming increasingly difficult. Why do you think there are over one million sales-related vacancies in the United States at this very moment, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? Prospects are more challenging to reach than ever; work-from-home schedules, anti-spam legislation, and policies that restrict visitors are making it increasingly difficult for your sales team to do what you want them to do – sell. Worse yet, when they do make a sale, it’s as if they are burdening the rest of the organization. Complaints about unachievable delivery dates, unacceptable terms, or insufficient profit all result in a clear divide between sales, and everyone else. The result? A slow erosion of your sales, and an increased likelihood that your sales team will soon be searching for a different career. It’s been this way for a while now, and it will continue to be unless you adopt what the author shares in this book.



    About the Author


    Part 1: Selling is an Inside Job


    Chapter 1: How Your Customers Buy Has Changed

    ·         The Biggest Assumption in Selling

    ·         Today’s Customers: Fickle, Fidgety and Frugal

    ·         Dealing with Unrealistic Customer Expectations

    ·         Why Selling Less Equates to Selling More


    Chapter 2: Your Secret Ingredient to Multiply Sales

    ·         Customer Needs Over Company Needs

    ·         Winning the Race to Capture New Customers

    ·         Customer Intelligence to Multiply Sales

    ·         Turning Intelligence into Useful Outcomes


    Chapter 3: Why Your Sales Are Stagnant

    ·         Finding Time to Develop New Selling Opportunities

    ·         The Sales Time Paradox

    ·         Increasing Direct Selling Time

    ·         Managing Accounts is Not Selling

    ·         Obsess Over These (or You’ll Lose Sales)


    Chapter 4: Selling Today is a Team Sport

    ·         Team-Based Selling

    ·         Overcoming the Sales-Centric Bias

    ·         Achieving Your Sales Multiplier Potential

    ·         Your First Step Towards Team-Based Selling


    Part 2: Your 4.68X Selling Opportunity


    Chapter 5: The Initial Sale is Small Potatoes

    ·         Selling Opportunities (That You’re Likely Missing!)

    ·         Closing Should Be a Team Sport

    ·         Trust Can’t Be Transferred

    ·         Transitioning from Initial Sale to New Opportunity


    Chapter 6: Good: Every Good Sale Deserves an Upsell

    ·         The Good, Better, Best Approach to Selling

    ·         Every Sale You Make Deserves an Upsell

    ·         Five Upsell Opportunities for Every Customer

    ·         Your Upsell Follow Up System in Action


    Chapter 7: Better: Introduce Creative Cross-Selling

    ·         Increase Total Customer Sale Value

    ·         Why You Don’t Close More Cross-Sells

    ·         How a Strong Upsell Secures A Cross-Sell

    ·         Selecting the Best Time to Present Your Cross-Sell

    ·         The Cross-Sell Value Equation


    Chapter 8: Best: Generating Unstoppable Referrals

    ·         Master This and Explode Your Sales to New Levels

    ·         You Are Missing Referral Opportunities (Here’s Why)

    ·         Your Sales Multiplier Referral Strategy and Toolkit

    ·         When it Comes to Referrals, Less Isn’t More


    Part 3: Building Momentum with Your Sales Multiplier Formula


    Chapter 9: The Foundation: Build A Sales Centric Culture

    ·         How to Build a Team to Support Multiplying Your Sales

    ·         Your Sales Centric Culture Begins with Leadership

    ·         Embrace Your Champions (they are the key to your success)

    ·         Steps to Introduce Your Sales-Centric Culture

    ·         Influencing a Sales-Centric Culture (when you have no authority)

    ·         Barriers to Introducing a Sales-Centric Culture


    Chapter 10: Foundation: Design Your Sales Multiplier Formula

    ·         Set Your GPS: Assess Your Positioning and Offers

    ·         Your Forensic Sales Audit

    ·         Introduce a Machine for Unstoppable SalesTM

    ·         Build a Sales Team That is Unstoppable


    Chapter 11: Testing: Implement Your New Sales Multiplier Formula

    ·         Introduce Your Sales Multiplier Formula

    ·         Introduce Feedback Loops to Gauge Progress

    ·         Phasing in Your Sales Multiplier Formula

    ·         Slow This Down to Speed Up Your Sales


    Chapter 12: Winning the Race for New Customers

    ·         Evolution of Tomorrow’s Customer

    ·         Use Your SMF to Attract Even More Customers

    ·         Technology is Changing the Sales Game (Quickly!)

    ·         Sales Multiplier Formula 2.0

    ·         Staying Focused Over the Long-Term




    Shawn Casemore is a consultant, speaker, and advisor. He is the Owner and Founder of Casemore and Co Inc., a global consulting firm that has attracted clients such as Bosch, NGK, Tim Hortons, Pepsi Co, Kids Help Phone and Sick Kids, and over 200 other leading organizations. In addition, he's served on several boards, including the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Canadian Association of Family-Owned Enterprises, and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium. His speaking typically includes over two dozen keynotes each year at major conferences, and he's lectured at institutions such as the University of Waterloo and Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Shawn's publishing includes hundreds of articles in print and online for publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Chief Executive, Industry Week, PLANT Magazine, and The Globe and Mail. He's also written four commercially published books, including his most recent, The Unstoppable Sales Team (Taylor and Francis, 2023).