1st Edition

The Saxon Age Commentaries of an Era

By A.F. Scott Copyright 1979

    The Saxon Age (1979) presents a vivid portrait of the daily life of Saxon England. Using the first hand evidence of contemporary writers, artists and craftsmen, the book conveys the mood and style of the Saxons from the royal court to a peasant’s hut. A wealth of information is offered, extending over five hundred years. Chronologically presented, many diverse aspects of life are covered – towns, family, education, the arts, sports and pastimes, health, work and wages, religion, law and crime, historic events, warfare and happenings on the sea.

    1. Royalty  2. Towns and Buildings  3. Family  4. Food and Drink  5. Education  6. The Arts  7. Sports and Pastimes  8. Health  9. Work and Payments  10. Religion  11. Law and Crime  12. Warfare  13. England and the Sea


    A.F. Scott