1st Edition

The Schools of Design

By Quentin Bell Copyright 1963

    First published in 1963, The Schools of Design is a history of English Art Education. The story of the genesis of English art schools is one of the fierce conflicts in which private feuds mingle with questions of principle. It is a story of administrative chaos and open scandal in which some long-forgotten figures are involved; others – such as Haydon, Gladstone, Alfred Stevens, Dyce, Stafford Northcote, Etty and Henry Role – appear in a new role. In itself this forms an entertaining study full of incident and drama. Many of the problems that presented themselves in the 1840s are still with us today and no one who is interested in the place of art in our society can afford to neglect the lessons of the Schools of Design. This book will be of interest to students of art and history.

    Preface 1. The Academic Idea 2. Reynolds and the Academy 3. Haydon and the Radicals 4. The Select Committee of 1835 5. The Schools in Being 6. The Dyce Experiment 7. The Branch Schools 8. Under New Management 9. The ‘Rebellion of Forty-five’ 10. The Special Committee 11. The Triumvirate 12. The Select Committee of 1849 13. The End of Schools 14. The Outcome Appendix I Appendix II Appendix III Principle sources Index


    Quentin Bell