1st Edition

The Science and Engineering of Sport Surfaces

Edited By Sharon Dixon, Paul Fleming, Iain James, Matt Carré Copyright 2015
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sports surface design is crucial for the successful performance of sports skills and the reduction of injury risk. Surfaces have developed from natural materials such as turf, clay and cinder, to synthetic surfaces such as acrylic tennis courts, artificial turf for soccer and synthetic running tracks, while our understanding of natural turf has developed in terms of properties appropriate for different sports and surface sustainability. This book draws together the very latest research on biomechanical, medical and engineering approaches to the study of sports surfaces.

    Written by a team of leading international sport scientists, engineers and technologists, the book covers every key aspect of surface development and design, including:

    • surface behaviour
    • surface classification, function, construction and maintenance
    • influence of surfaces on player performance and injury
    • surface test methods and monitoring
    • development of natural turf and synthetic surfaces
    • shoe-turf interaction
    • future developments in sports surface technology.

    Representing the most comprehensive and up-to-date study of sports surfaces, this book is important reading for all researchers and professionals working in sports technology, sports engineering, biomechanics or sports medicine.

    1. Introduction: history and development of sports surfaces 2. Surface Classification, Function, Construction and Maintenance 3. Mechanical testing and characterisation of sports surfaces 4. Sports Surfaces, Biomechanics and Injury 5. Sports Surfaces and Performance 6. Mechanical Aspects of Shoe-surface Interaction 7. Human-Shoe-Surface Interaction 8. Natural Turf Sports Surfaces 9. The Future of Sports Surfaces


    Sharon Dixon is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics at the University of Exeter where she leads the Exeter Biomechanics Research Team. Her research is in improving understanding of injury mechanisms in sport and exercise, with a particular focus on footwear and playing surfaces. Her recent work has included an interdisciplinary project on natural turf surfaces with Dr Iain James and a project in collaboration with Dr Matt Carré combining biomechanical and mechanical methods to improve understanding of surfaces used in tennis and the potential influence on injury.

    Paul Fleming is a Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at Loughborough University and leads a research team in the area of sport surface science. His background is in advanced testing of geo-materials, including a PhD in dynamic impact testing, and geotechnical design and construction experience translated into the under-researched topic sport surface science in 2001. He sits on several technical committees including the BS committee for sport surface testing (PRI/57) and he founded the global SportSURF research network in 2005.

    Iain James is Technical Director at TGMS Ltd, a Sports Surface Design Consultancy based in the UK and delivering new construction and renovation projects from recreational to international elite sport venues. He was formerly Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Sciences at Cranfield University in the UK, leading a research programme in Sports Surface Engineering and Technology that aimed to develop improved safety, performance and sustainability in sports surface design and construction.

    Matt Carré is a Reader in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and leads research in the area of human–environment interactions, including those that involve sports surfaces. His first experience of sports surfaces research was in 1996 during his PhD study that included replicating and assessing over 15,000 impacts between cricket balls and pitches. Matt has since examined traction of association football shoes and more recent work includes the development of a biomechanically informed lab-based system to simulate tennis shoe–surface interactions (in collaboration with Sharon Dixon).

    Times Higher Education Books of 2015

    "As an engineer and former basketball player who damaged her knees badly due to the friction between my trainers and the court, I was fascinated by The Science and Engineering of Sport Surfaces (Routledge), edited by Sharon Dixon, Paul Fleming, Iain James and Matt Carré. This book provides groundbreaking research and findings for everyone interested in sport surface science and its application."

    Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, Professor of Enterprise and Engineering Education, University of Sheffield