1st Edition

The Second World War, Vol. 3 The War at Sea

    This volume provides a comprehensive guide to three major theaters of combat: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean. The war at sea was a critical contest, as sea-lanes provided the logistical arteries for British and subsequent Allied armies fighting on the three continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Land forces ultimately won World War II, but the battles at sea fundamentally altered the balance of military power on the ground.

    Chapter 1 Background to War; Chapter 2 Warring Sides; Chapter 3 Outbreak; Chapter 4 The Fighting; Chapter 5 Portrait of a Sailor; Chapter 6 The World Around War; Chapter 7 Portrait of a Civilian; Chapter 8 How the War Ended; Chapter 9 Conclusion and Consequences;


    Philip D Grove, Mark J Grove, Alastair Finlan