1st Edition

The Secret of Coaching and Leading by Values How to Ensure Alignment and Proper Realignment

By Simon L. Dolan Copyright 2021

    Coaches play a major role in helping people understand their values and the values of their surroundings and helping them make choices and adapt. Sometimes the choice may be to find a situation more in sync with your values. Or it may mean working hard on yourself or in concert with your partner, team, or organization. Whatever we need to do to attain it, a positive fit makes for a happier person, and a happier person will be more successful. This accessible and practical book will help coaches, educators, leaders, and managers understand the philosophy, methodology, and tools that can be used to make a person happier, healthier, and more productive at work and in life in general.

    This book compiles short vignettes from over a dozen global academics and celebrated executive coaches, sharing information about aligning values in different settings. Based on years of research and written for readers from all walks of life, you will learn that when you understand your core values, place them on a triaxial template, and align them with your definition of success, everything changes. It will help you come out of your comfort zone in order to embrace the future and enhance the quality of your life. For this, you need a concept, a methodology, and effective tools, all of which are offered in this book.

    Rich with practical step-by-step methodologies and tools to facilitate values-led leadership, coaching, and mentoring, this book is essential for any change agent, be it a coach, a leader, an educator, or any person who is interested in learning how to become more effective, improve their practice, and engage in self or professional coaching. At the same time, it will enhance leadership qualities.

    Chapter 1: A coaching Kaleidoscope  Chapter 2: How can an Executive Coach Help Leaders and Organizations?  Chapter 3: Coaching, Leading and Values, or the "Value of Values"  Chapter 4: The Secret of Coaching and Leading by Values: Alignment and Realignment  Chapter 5: CLBV Methodologies and Tools for Everyone  Chapter 6: Coaching, Leading, Values and the Future: New Challenges in the New Landscape of Work  Chapter 7: Let’s Practice: Sharing Practical Applications in CLBV  Appendix 1: List of the 51 Values of the Triaxial Model  Appendix 2: Dolan Triaxial 3E’s Template  Appendix 3: The Card Game "The Value of Values" in all Available Languages  Appendix 4: Recommended Videos and Links


    Simon L. Dolan is a prolific author with over 75 books published in various languages on themes connected with values, people management, coaching, leadership, consulting, and the future of work. He has more than 40 years of research track teaching at the world’s leading business schools in the United States, Canada, and recently Spain (ESADE). He is also the president of Gestion MDS Inc, a Montreal-based consulting firm, and a think tank foundation, “The Global Future of Work,” which he recently created.