1st Edition

The Selected Writings of Leigh Hunt Vol 2

    This edition makes available in a single edition all of Hunt's major works, fully annotated and with a consolidated index. The set will include all of Hunt's poetry, and an extensive selection of his periodical essays.

    Acknowledgements -- Note on the Text -- Abbreviations -- Biographical Directory -- The Examiner, -- Theatrical Examiner No.86: On Resuming our Theatrical Criticism -- The Round Table (1 January 1815) -- The Round Table (8 January 1815) -- Sketches of the Performers -- Departure of the Proprietors of this Paper from Prison -- Theatrical Examiner No. 193 -- Bonaparte in France Again -- London (March 12) -- Victory of Waterloo – Bonaparte’s Abdication -- Gloomy State of Things in France -- The Examiner, 1816 -- Account of Remarkable Rise and Downfall of Late Great Kan of Tartary -- -- A Few English Reflections Before The Opening Of Parliament -- Heaven Made a Party to Earthly Disputes – Mr. Wordsworth’s -- Sonnets On Waterloo -- Distressing Circumstance in High Life -- Bonaparte in St Helena, No. 1 -- Young Poets -- Disturbances in the Metropolis -- The Examiner, 1817 -- Theatrical Examiner No. 266 -- Impossibility the Continuance the Present State Things in Europe -- -- On the Spirit of Money-Getting, and on Retrenchment -- On Pantomime. – Continued From a Late Paper. -- Attack on the Prince Regent, and a Word or Two -- Plain Comment upon it -- On the Proposed Suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act -- Death and Funeral of the Late Mr Southey -- Revolution in the Brazils, and Conquest of Chili -- Poems by John Keats -- Informers -- Mr Keats’s Poems, &C. – (Continued) -- Mr Keats’s Poems, &C. – (Concluded) -- Mr Owen’s Proposed Improvements of Society -- Death of the Princess Charlotte -- Liberty of the Press -- Z -- The Examiner, 1818 -- Literary Notices No. 39 -- Theatrical Examiner No. 310 -- Literary Notices No. 40 -- Literary Notices No. 41 -- On the Employment of Children in Manufactories -- Shocking Consequences of the Attempts of Bigotry to Re-establish Itself -- Literary Notices No. 44 -- The Examiner and The Indicator, 1819 -- State of the World -- Assassination of Kotzebue -- Catholic Emancipation -- Literary Notices No. 54 -- Literary Notices No. 55 -- Ex-Officio Informations against Richard Carlile -- Imputed Ignorance of the Lower Orders -- Disturbances at Manchester -- Liberation of Hunt – his Examination, &C -- The Quarterly Review, and Revolt of Islam -- The Quarterly Review, and Revolt of Islam [Concluded from last week] -- The Indicator. No. I -- The Indicator. Social Genealogy -- The Examiner and The Indicator, -- Non-Appearance of the Laureat to Celebrate the National Happiness -- The Indicator – Spirit of the Ancient Mythology -- Alleged Conspirators in Cato-Street -- Theatrical Examiner 396 -- Execution of the Conspirators -- The Indicator – La Belle Dame Sans Mercy -- The Indicator – ‘Of Sticks’ -- The Indicator – A Now, Descriptive of A Hot Day -- The Indicator – The Destruction of the Cenci Family, and on that Subject -- -- The Indicator – The Stories of Lamia, The Pot of Basil, The of St. Agnes, &C. As Told by Mr Keats -- -- Lord Castlereagh’s Attack on the Examiner -- The Indicator – The Stories of Lamia, The Pot of Basil, The of St. Agnes, &C. As Told by Mr Keats (continued) -- -- Meeting of the House of Lords and the Queen -- The Indicator – Return of Autumn -- The Examiner to his Readers – Brief but Sufficing to all the Ministerial Papers for a Month to Come -- -- The Examiner and The Indicator, 1821 -- Trial and Defence of Mr John Hunt and Verdict Found Against him -- The Indicator – The Indicator’s Farewell -- Literary Notices. No. 47 -- Death of Napoleon Bonaparte -- Sketches of the Living Poets No 2. – Lord Byron -- Proposed Royal Academy of Literature -- Sketches of the Living Poets No. 4. – Mr Coleridge -- Explanatory Notes.