1st Edition

The Selected Writings of Leigh Hunt Vol 6

    This edition makes available in a single edition all of Hunt's major works, fully annotated and with a consolidated index. The set will include all of Hunt's poetry, and an extensive selection of his periodical essays.

    Abbreviations -- Biographical Directory -- From The Liberal (1822) -- ‘The Dogs. To the Abusers of The Liberal’ -- From The Liberal (1823) -- ‘To a Spider running across a Room’ -- ‘Talari Innamorati’ -- ‘The Choice’ -- ‘Mahmoud’ -- Ultra-Crepidarius: A Satire on William Gifford (1823) -- From The Examiner (1825) -- ‘Vellutti to his Revilers’ -- From The New Monthly Magazine (1825) -- ‘Caractacus’ -- From The Companion (1828) -- ‘The Royal Line’ -- From The Tatler (1830) -- ‘High and Low; or, How to Write History. -- Suggested by an article in a review from the pen of Sir Walter Scott, in which accounts are given of Massaniello and the Duke of Guise’ ‘Alter et Idem. A Chemico-Poetical Thought’ -- From The Tatler (1831) -- ‘Le Brun’ -- ‘Expostulation and Candour’ -- ‘Lines Written on a Sudden Arrival of Fine Weather in May’ -- From The Athenæum (1832) -- ‘The Lover of Music to the Pianoforte’ -- From The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt (1832) -- ‘Preface’ -- From Leigh Hunt’s London Journal (1834) -- ‘Paganini. A Fragment’ -- ‘Thoughts in Bed Upon Waking and Rising. An “Indicator” in Verse’ -- ‘A Night Rain in Summer. June 28, 1834’ -- ‘An Angel in the House’ -- Captain Sword and Captain Pen. A Poem (1835) -- From The New Monthly Magazine (1836) -- ‘Songs and Chorus of the Flowers’ -- ‘The Glove and the Lions’ -- ‘The Fish, the Man, and the Spirit’ -- ‘Apollo and the Sunbeams’ -- From The Monthly Repository (1837) -- ‘Blue-Stocking Revels; or, the Feast of the Violets’ ‘Doggrel on Double Columns and Large Type; or the praise of those pillars of our state, and its clear exposition’ -- From S. C. Hall’s The Book of Gems (1838) -- ‘Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel’ -- From The Morning Chronicle (1840) -- ‘To the Queen. An Offering of Gratitude on Her Majesty’s Birthday’ -- The Palfrey; A Love Story of Old Times -- From The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt (1844) -- The Story of Rimini; or, Fruits of a Parent’s Falsehood -- ‘Rondeau’ -- ‘Our Cottage’ -- ‘A Heaven upon Earth. Fragment of an Unpublished Play. A Husband is Conversing with his Wife’ -- From The Cambridge Chronicle (1849) -- ‘Dirge for an Infant’ -- From Household Words (1850) -- ‘Dream within Dream; or, Evil Minimised’ -- From The New Monthly Magazine (1850) -- ‘The Inevitable. Inscribed to John Forster’ -- ‘Jaffàr. Inscribed to the Memory of Shelley’ -- ‘Godiva. Inscribed to John Hunter, of Edinburgh’ -- ‘The Bitter Gourd. Inscribed to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire’ -- ‘Ode to the Sun’ -- ‘Death’ -- ‘Wallace and Fawdon’ -- From Household Words (1852) -- ‘Kilspindie’ -- ‘The Trumpets of Doolkarnein’ -- From The Spectator (1859) -- ‘To Poerio and his Fellow-Patriots’ -- From The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt (1860) -- ‘To Charles Dickens’ -- ‘Ultra-Germano-Criticasterism’ -- ‘Coronation Soliloquy of His Majesty King George the Fourth’ -- From The Correspondence of Leigh Hunt (1862) -- ‘Waking at morn, with the accustom’d sigh’ -- From Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke, Recollections of Writers (1878) -- ‘To the Spirit Great and Good’ -- Explanatory Notes -- Index.