1st Edition

The Selected Writings of Leigh Hunt

    2400 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edition makes available in a single edition all of Hunt's major works, fully annotated and with a consolidated index. The set will include all of Hunt's poetry, and an extensive selection of his periodical essays.

    Poetic Works, selections from: From Juvenilia 1801, The Reflector 1811, The Examiner 1814, The Feast of the Poets, The Descent of Liberty: A Mask, The Examiner 1815, Sonnet to Hampstead VII, The Examiner 1816, The Story of Rimini, From the Examiner 1817-18, From Foliage or Poems Original and Translated 1818, The Examiner 1819, The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt, The Examiner 1820-21. Collected Works: The Examiner The News 1805-7, The Examiner 1809, TH Examiner and The Reflector 1810-1812, The Examiner 1813-1814, The Examiner 1815-1818, The Examiner and The Indicator 1819-1821. Various Authors- periodical essays 1805-14, Periodical Essays 1822-38.Poetical Works, selections from: The Liberal 1822-23, Ultra-Crepidarius: A Satire on William Gifford, The Examiner 1825, The New Monthly Magazine 1825, The Companion 18287, The Tatler 1830-31, The Atheneum 1832, The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt 1832, Leigh unts' London Journal 1834, Captain Sword and captain Pen, A Poem, The New Monthly Magazine 1836, The Monthly Repository 1837, The Books of Gens 1838, The Morning Chronical 1840, The Palfrey, a Love Story of Old Times, The Cambridge Chronicle 1849, Household Words 1950, The New Monthly Magazine, Household Words 1852, The Spectator 1859, The Correspondence of Leigh unt 1862, Recollections of Writers 1878. Later Literary Essays: Imagination and Fancy, 1844, Wit and Humour, 1846, A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla, 1847, Stories in Verse, 1855, Beaumont and Fletcher, 1855, The Book of the Sonnet, 1867.