1st Edition

The Self in Social Judgment

ISBN 9781138006102
Published December 1, 2014 by Psychology Press
304 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The volume begins with a historical overview of the self in social judgment and outlines the major issues. Subsequent chapters, all written by leading experts in their respective areas, identify and elaborate four major themes regarding the self in social judgment:

· the role of the self as an information source for evaluating others, or what has been called 'social projection'
· the assumption of personal superiority as reflected in the pervasive tendency for people to view their characteristics more favorably than those of others
· the role of the self as a comparison standard from or toward which other people's behaviors and attributes are assimilated or contrasted
· the relative weight people place on the individual and collective selves in defining their attributes and comparing them to those of other people

Table of Contents

Introduction. Chapter 1: Self as Source and Constraint of Social Knowledge, Joachim I. Krueger, Mark D. Alicke, & David A. Dunning. Part I: Social Projection. Chapter 2: Social Projection and the Psychology of Choice, Joachim I. Krueger & Melissa Acevedo. Chapter 3: Cross-Situational Projection, Leaf Van Boven & George Loewenstein. Part II. Self-Enhancement. Chapter 4: Shallow Thoughts about the Self: The Automatic Components of Self-Assessment, Thomas Gilovich, Nicholas Epley, & Karlene Hanko. Chapter 5: The Better-Than-Average Effect, Mark D. Alicke & Olesya Govorun. Part III. Self and Others Compared. Chapter 6: The Knife that Cuts Both Ways: Comparison Processes in Social Perception, Thomas Mussweiler, Kai Epstude, & Katja Rüter. Chapter 7: A Feature-Based Model of Self-Other Comparisons, Sara D. Hodges. Chapter 8: Self-Other Asymmetries in Behavior Explanations: Myth and Reality, Bertram F. Malle. Part IV: Integrative Approaches. Chapter 9: Judging for Two: Some Connectionist Proposals for How the Self Informs and Constrains Social Judgment, Emily Balcetis & David Dunning. Chapter 10: A Hierarchy Within: On the Motivational and Emotional Primacy of the Individual Self, Lowell Gaertner & Constantine Sedikides. Chapter 11: The Ingroup as Part of the Self: Reconsidering the Link between Social Categorization, Ingroup Favoritism and the Self-Concept, Sabine Otten. Conclusion. Chapter 12: The Self in Social Perception: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, David A. Dunning, Joachim I. Krueger, & Mark D. Alicke

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"This volume consists of a set of inspired, well-written, and cohesive chapters regarding the role of the self in social perceptions and social judgments. This next gerneration collection will set the research agenda for social psychologists." —Jerry Suls, University of Iowa

"This lively, scholarly collection will be indispensable to researchers of the self and of social cognition, and will inspire more study of the integration of the two." —Joanne V. Wood, Universtiy of Waterloo

"Some chapters provide valuable reviews of established lines of research on self and social judgment, while others offer intriguing new perspectives on how views of the self relate to views of others—an essential resource for anyone interested in the role of the self in social perception and judgment." —Jeff Greenberg, University of Arizona

"The editors... state in the introduction that their goal in organizing the volume was not only to bring together diverse research approaches to the topic of the self and social judgment but also to identify major themes and unresolved issues at the intersection of the self and social judgment. In my opinion, they succeeded" —Norman Noach Milgram, in PsycCRITIQUES, August 2006