The Semitic Languages  book cover
2nd Edition

The Semitic Languages

ISBN 9780367731564
Published December 18, 2020 by Routledge
772 Pages

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Book Description

The Semitic Languages presents a comprehensive survey of the individual languages and language clusters within this language family, from their origins in antiquity to their present-day forms.

This second edition has been fully revised, with new chapters and a wealth of additional material. New features include the following:

• new introductory chapters on Proto-Semitic grammar and Semitic linguistic typology

• an additional chapter on the place of Semitic as a subgroup of Afro-Asiatic, and several chapters on modern forms of Arabic, Aramaic and Ethiopian Semitic

• text samples of each individual language, transcribed into the International Phonetic Alphabet, with standard linguistic word-by-word glossing as well as translation

• new maps and tables present information visually for easy reference.

This unique resource is the ideal reference for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of linguistics and language. It will be of interest to researchers and anyone with an interest in historical linguistics, linguistic typology, linguistic anthropology and language development.

Table of Contents

Introductory Chapters

1. Introduction to the Semitic Languages: John Huehnergard & Na‘ama Pat-El

2. Semitic and Afro-Asiatic: Gene Gragg

3. Proto-Semitic: John Huehnergard

4. The Semitic Language Family: A Typological Perspective: Na‘ama Pat-El

Language Chapters

5. Akkadian: Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee

6. Gǝʕǝz (Classical Ethiopic): Aaron Michael Butts

7. Tigre of Gindaʕ: David L. Elias

8. Tigrinya: Maria Bulakh

9. Amharic: Lutz Edzard

10. Gurage (Muher): Ronny Meyer

11. Mehri: Aaron D. Rubin

12. Soqotri: Leonid Kogan and Maria Bulakh

13. Ancient South Arabian: Anne Multhoff

14. Safaitic: Ahmad Al-Jallad

15. Classical Arabic: Daniel Birnstiel

16. Levantine Arabic: Kristen Brustad and Emilie Zuniga

17. Egyptian Arabic: Thomas Leddy-Cecere and Jason Schroepfer

18. Moroccan Arabic: Mike Turner

19. Ugaritic: Josef Tropper and Juan-Pablo Vita

20. The Canaanite Languages: Aren M. Wilson-Wright

21. Pre-modern Hebrew: Biblical Hebrew: Aaron D. Hornkohl

22. Modern Hebrew: Philip Zhakevich and Benjamin Kantor

23. Samaritan Aramaic: Christian Stadel

24. Modern Western Aramaic: Steven E. Fassberg

25. Syriac: Na‘ama Pat-El

26. Mandaic: C. G. Häberl

27. Northeastern Neo-Aramaic: the Dialect of Alqosh: Eleanor Coghill

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John Huehnergard is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, and former Professor of Semitic Philology at Harvard University.

Na‘ama Pat-El is Associate Professor of Comparative Semitic Linguistics in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.