The closest thing to total war before the First World War, the Seven Years' War was fought in North America, Europe, the Caribbean and India with major consequences for all parties involved. This fascinating book is the first to truly review the grand strategies of the combatants and examine the differing styles of warfare used in the many campaigns. These methods ranged from the large-scale battles and sieges of the European front to the ambush and skirmish tactics used in the forests of North America. Daniel Marston's engaging narrative is supported by personal diaries, memoirs, and official reports.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Chronology; Chapter 3 Background to war Old enemies, new friends; Chapter 4 Warring sides Linear and irregular warfare; Chapter 5 Outbreak The gathering storm; Chapter 6 The fighting World war; Chapter 7 Portrait of a soldier A soldier of the British 68th Regiment of Foot; Chapter 8 The world around war The civilian and economic cost; Chapter 9 Portrait of a civilian The nun's story; Chapter 10 Conclusion and consequences Ramifications for the future; Chapter 11 Further reading; Index;


    Daniel Marston

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