1st Edition

The Sexual Abuse of Children Volume II: Clinical Issues

Edited By William T. O'Donohue, James H. Geer Copyright 1992

    The sexual abuse of children is now seen as an enormous problem; first, because there is an increasing awareness that it is more prevalent than previously thought, and second, because it gives rise to so many complex questions. How is sexual abuse to be defined? What are the effects of abuse? How can the victim be helped? How can abuse be prevented? These two comprehensive volumes cover a wide spectrum of basic and applied issues. Expert contributors -- including physicians, attorneys, psychologists, philosophers, social workers, and engineers -- address such relevant topics as epidemiology, animal models, legal reforms, feminist scholarship, child pornography, medical assessment, and diverse models of psychotherapeutic intention.

    Volume I: Theory and Research Contents: Part I:Basic Issues. J.H. Geer, W. O'Donohue, Introduction. W. O'Donohue, Definitional and Ethical Issues in Child Sexual Abuse. T.G.M. Sandfort, The Argument for Adult-Child Sexual Contact: A Critical Appraisal and New Data. S. Wasserman, A. Rosenfeld, An Overview of the History of Child Sexual Abuse and Sigmund Freud's Contributions. W.H. Davenport, Adult-Child Sexual Relations in Cross-Cultural Perspective. R.H. Bixler, Do We/Should We Behave Like Animals? A.C. Salter, Epidemiology of Child Sexual Abuse. J.A. Bulkley, Major Legal Issues in Child Sexual Abuse Cases. R.J. Kelly, R. Lusk, Theories of Pedophilia. B.J. Vander Mey, Theories of Incest. W.M. Bukowski, Sexual Abuse and Maladjustment Considered From the Perspective of Normal Developmental Processes. Part II:Associated Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse. D. Gorman-Smith, J.L. Matson, Sexual Abuse and Persons with Mental Retardation. I.C. Jarvie, Child Pornography and Prostitution. D.E. Newton, Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse. J.H. Adams, S. Trachtenberg, J.E. Fisher, Feminist Views of Child Sexual Abuse. Volume II: Clinical Issues Contents: Part I:Diagnosis and Assessment. S. Righthand, S. Hodge, Agency and Professional Roles and Responsibilities: The Need for Cooperation. R.A. Knight, The Generation and Corroboration of a Taxonomic Model for Child Molesters. A.R. De Jong, Medical Detection and Effects of the Sexual Abuse of Children. T.S. Hoier, C.R. Shawchuck, G.M. Pallotta, T. Freeman, H. Inderbitzen-Pisaruk, V.M. MacMillan, R. Malinosky-Rummell, A.L. Greene, The Impact of Sexual Abuse: A Cognitive-Behavioral Model. V.V. Wolfe, C. Gentile, Psychological Assessment of Sexually Abused Children. W. Farrall, Instrumentation and Methodological Issues in the Assessment of Sexual Arousal. C.M. Earls, Clinical Issues in the Psychological Assessment of Child Molesters. M. deYoung, Credibility Assessment During the Sexual Abuse Evaluation. Part II:Treatment. A.H. Green, Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory in the Treatment of the Victim and the Family. R.C. Rosen, K.S.K. Hall, Behavioral Treatment Approaches for Offenders and Victims. K. Sturkie, Group Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse Victims: A Review. D.D. Hildebran, W.D. Pithers, Relapse Prevention: Application and Outcome. W.D. Murphy, M.R. Haynes, I.J. Page, Adolescent Sex Offenders. J.A. Lipovsky, D.G. Kilpatrick, The Child Sexual Abuse Victim as an Adult. W. O'Donohue, J.H. Geer, A. Elliott, The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.


    William T. O'Donohue, James H. Geer

    "...the editors have done a fine job and the quality is consistently high....the two volumes provide a comprehensive resource for professionals and serious students in fields related to the sexual abuse of children."
    Science Books and Films

    "This scholarly, carefully reasoned, comprehensive compendium addresses a major concern of the mental health profession....Their systematic examination of moral and ethical issues in child abuse includes critical attention to the distinctly minority opinion that sexual relations between adults and children can be moral and benign in their effects....A massive, solidly executed work."
    Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

    "...a comprehensive and scholarly collection of papers on the subject of child sexual abuse....the chapters are uniformly high quality....these volumes substantially succeed in offering all you need to know. They are a worthwhile investment for either the graduate student or professional in fields where abused children may be encountered."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "...provides a thoughtful and comprehensive look at the area and many of the chapters are excellent....these two volumes provide useful, comprehensive, and thoughtful coverage of child sexual abuse. They are highly recommended."
    Issues in Child Abuse Accusations

    "...makes fascinating reading and covers topics often omitted from other texts....Clinicians, researchers, legal professionals, and indeed, anyone concerned with victims and their victimizers should have access to this resource."

    "...a thoughtful and comprehensive collection of papers....a highly useful and often provocative collection, considerably more sophisticated and comprehensive than most previous volumes of this sort. I recommended it."
    The Journal of Sex Research