1st Edition

The Sexual and Gender Politics of Sport Mega-Events Roving Colonialism

By Heather Sykes Copyright 2017
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    This challenging new study examines gender and sexuality in relation to the ‘roving colonialism’ of sport mega-events. Built around four case studies in postcolonial and settler colonial contexts—the Olympics in Vancouver, London and Sochi and soccer fans in the Egyptian revolution—the book examines sporting 'homonationalism' and anti-colonial resistance.

    The first part discusses different moments of ‘homonationalism’ in sport. The second part explores how indigenous and anti-colonial protests against mega-sport events lead to different views about gender and sexuality politics in sport. It offers a critical counter-narrative to the view that gay and lesbian inclusion in global sporting events is simply a matter of universal human rights. The book calls for LGBT social movements in sport to move away from complicity with neoliberalism, nationalism and colonial-racial logics, particularly Islamophobia, toward a decolonial politics of solidarity.

    Theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded, this book draws together important threads in the contemporary study of sport to illuminate the relationship between sport and wider society. It will be fascinating reading for any student or researcher interested in the sociology of sport, Olympic studies, gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial studies, indigenous studies, settler colonial studies or the politics of race and inclusion.

    1. The Sexual and Gender Politics of Sport Mega-Events: Roving Colonialism [Heather Sykes]  2. Methodology Heather Sykes]  3. Gay Pride on Stolen Land Homonationalism and Settler Colonialism at the Vancouver Olympics [Heather Sykes]  4. Gay/Lesbian Asylum and the Pride House Imperialist Settler Homonationalism at the Vancouver Olympics [Heather Sykes]  5. London Olympics, Islamophobia and English Homonationalism [Heather Sykes]  6. ‘Pot of Blood’: Sochi Olympics and the Circassian Genocide [Heather Sykes and Manal Hamzeh]  7. The No Sochi ovement and Circassian Activism: Colonial Double-backing of the Sochi Olympics and Russian Nation Building [Salima Bhimani]  8. Egyptian Football Ultras and the January 25th Revolution: Anti-Colonial Masculinities and Patriarchal State Terrorism [Manal Hamzeh and Heather Sykes]  9. Decolonizing Sporting Homonationalisms: From Complicity to Solidarity [Heather Sykes]  10. Glossary  11. Abbreviations


    Heather Sykes is an Associate Professor of Physical Education at OISE - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education -at the University of Toronto, Canada. Heather researches issues of sexuality in sport and physical education through the lenses of poststructural, postcolonial, queer and feminist theories. Her book entitled Queer Bodies explored homophobia, transphobia and fat phobia in Canadian physical education, raising ethical questions about how society constructs ideals about 'healthy' and 'athletic' bodies. Heather has been co-editor of the journal Curriculum Inquiry and is involved in the North American Society for Sport Sociology.