1st Edition

The Shadow Cabinet in British Politics

By D. R. Turner Copyright 1969

    First published in 1969 The Shadow Cabinet in British Politics attempts to trace and examine the history, growth, and development of the body popularly known as the ‘Shadow Cabinet’ in Britain. This body is concerned with power and aspirations of power. The personnel of Shadow Cabinets are, or at least should be, constantly prepared to assume the mantle of government. The book discusses important themes like the origins of the idea of the Shadow Cabinet; Sir William Harcourt and the Shadow Cabinet; Balfour and the Conservative Party; from MacDonald to Churchill; the difference between formally and informally elected Opposition Front Benches; and the relationship between Opposition responsibilities and ministerial appointments. This comprehensive short book is a must read for students of British politics and political science.

    Introduction 1. Origins of the idea 2. Shadow Cabinets emerge 3. A Steady Development 4. Elected Front Bench 5. From McDonald to Churchill 6. The Modern Shadow Cabinet 7. Election and Selection 8. Conservatives in Opposition Bibliography Suggestions for Further Reading Notes on Sources


    D. R. Turner