1st Edition

The Shakespearean International Yearbook: Where are We Now in Shakespearean Studies? Volume 2

Edited By John. M Mucciolo, William R Elton Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002. This second volume of The Shakespearean International Yearbook continues the work of assessing the present state of Shakespeare studies in the new millennium.

    Comprising 20 essays by distinguished scholars from North America, the UK and Australia, it is divided into sections on criticism and theory; text, textuality and technology; Renaissance ideas and conventions; and Shakespeare and the city. The essays address issues that are fundamental to our interpretive encounter with Shakespeare, including those of gender and sexuality, the staging of plays, and historical research on matters such as the monarchy, language, religion, and the law.

    1: Criticism and Theory; 1: On Shakespeare and Theory; 2: The State of the Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Four recent books; 3: Standpoints on the Sexualities of the Sonnets; 4: Recent Responses to Antony and Cleopatra; 5: What Hath a Quarter-century of Coriolanus Criticism Wrought?; 6: Unmasking the Revels: Love’s Labour’s Lost; 2: Text, Textuality and Technology; 7: The State of Computing in Shakespeare; 8: ‘And Stand a Comma’: Reinterpreting Renaissance punctuation for today’s users:-); 9: New Conservatism and the Theatrical Text: Editing Shakespeare for the third millennium; 10: What’s New in the New Variorum?; 11: Ralph Crane: The life and works of a Jacobean scribe in the next millennium; 12: Shakespeare and the New Textualism; 3: Renaissance Ideas and Conventions; 13: Elizabeth I: The Queen and politics; 14: Theatrical Space in Shakespeare’s Playhouse: Revisiting locus and platea in Timon and Macbeth; 15: Emblematic Studies of Shakespeare since 1990; 16: Where are We in Legal-Historical Studies of Shakespeare?: The case of marriage and property; 17: Shakespeare and Gender; 18: Scepticism in Shakespeare’s England; 19: Shakespeare and the Italian Mythographers; 4: Shakespeare and the City; 20: Shakespeare and the City; 5: In Memory of Paul Oskar Kristeller; 21: In Memory of Paul Oskar Kristeller; 22: Paul Oskar Kristeller


    John. M Mucciolo, William R Elton