1st Edition

The Shakespearean World

Edited By Jill L Levenson, Robert Ormsby Copyright 2017
    680 Pages
    by Routledge

    678 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Shakespearean World takes a global view of Shakespeare and his works, especially their afterlives. Constantly changing, the Shakespeare central to this volume has acquired an array of meanings over the past four centuries. "Shakespeare" signifies the historical person, as well as the plays and verse attributed to him. It also signifies the attitudes towards both author and works determined by their receptions. Throughout the book, specialists aim to situate Shakespeare’s world and what the world is because of him. In adopting a global perspective, the volume arranges thirty-six chapters in five parts:

    • Shakespeare on stage internationally since the late seventeenth century;

    • Shakespeare on film throughout the world;

    • Shakespeare in the arts beyond drama and performance;

    • Shakespeare in everyday life;

    • Shakespeare and critical practice.

    Through its coverage, The Shakespearean World offers a comprehensive transhistorical and international view of the ways this Shakespeare has not only influenced but has also been influenced by diverse cultures during 400 years of performance, adaptation, criticism, and citation. While each chapter is a freshly conceived introduction to a significant topic, all of the chapters move beyond the level of survey, suggesting new directions in Shakespeare studies – such as ecology, tourism, and new media – and making substantial contributions to the field. This volume is an essential resource for all those studying Shakespeare, from beginners to advanced specialists.

    Introduction by Jill L. Levenson and Robert Ormsby

    Section 1: Shakespeare on Stage Since the Late Seventeenth Century

    1. Staging Shakespeare in England Since the Restoration

    Kathryn Prince

    2. Shakespeare on Stage since the Late Seventeenth Century

    Martin Procházka, Marta Gibinska and Florence March

    3. Shakespeare on American Stages

    James C. Bulman

    4. Shakespeare in Latin America: Appropriation, Politics, and Performance Practices

    Maria Clara Galery and Stegh Cammati

    5. Middle Eastern Shakespeare

    Margaret Litvin, Avraham Oz and Parviz Partovi

    6. Shakespeare in Africa

    Sandra Young

    7. Interacting with Naturalism: East Asian Shakespeare Performances

    Yong Li Lan

    8. Kissing and Drowning The Book: Shakespearean Theatre in the Antipodes

    Rob Conkie and Nicola Hyland

    Section 2: Shakespeare on Film

    9. Framing the Theatrical: Shakespearean Film in the UK

    Peter Kirwan

    10. Shakespeare in Film: Continental Europe

    Mariangela Tempera

    11. The Cloud Capped Towers and the Charcoal Sketch: Shakespeare on Film in North America

    Samuel Crowl

    12. Shakespeare on Film in Asia

    Alexa Huang

    13. Shakespearean Cinema and the Rest of the World

    Mark Thornton Burnett

    Section 3: Shakespeare in the Arts beyond Drama and Performance

    14. The Subject of Shake-speares Sonnets and Afterlife in Lyric Poetry

    Peter Robinson

    15. Shakespeare and the Novel: "For that which had been lost was found, and so on"

    Jane Kingsley-Smith

    16. In Search of Shakespeare’s Biography

    Katherine Scheil

    17. Interpreting Shakespeare through the Visual Arts

    Jim Davis

    18. The Shakespearean World of Music

    Christy Desmet and David Schiller

    Section 4: Shakespeare in Everyday Life

    19. Shakespeare and Education: the Making of an Unlikely Marriage

    Kate Flaherty

    20. Conjuring Shakespeare for Young Audiences through Fairy Tales, Fable, and Fantasy

    Naomi J. Miller

    21. Shakespeare in Amateur Production

    Stephen Purcell

    22. "Prithee, Listen Well": The Case for Audio Shakespeare

    Michael P. Jensen

    23. Sticky or Spreadable? Shakespeare and Global Television

    Susanne Greenhalgh

    24. Shakespearean Tourism: From National Heritage to Global Attraction

    Robert Ormsby

    25. "Within this wooden [2.]O": Shakespeare and New Media in the Digital Age

    Brett D. Hirsch and Michael Best

    Section 5: Shakespeare and Critical Practice

    26. Shakespeare’s Texts and Editions

    Eugene Giddens

    27. Shakespearean Archives: Context, Categories, and the Containment of Chaos

    Christie Carson

    28. Shakespeare’s Language: An Eventful Afterlife

    Keith Johnson

    29. Shakespeare and Philosophy

    Peter Holbrook

    30. Political Approaches to Shakespeare

    Hugh Grady

    31. Religion, Secularity, and Shakespeare

    Arthur F. Marotti and Ken Jackson

    32. Shakespeare and Psychology: "Who’s There?"

    Murray M. Schwartz and David Willbern

    33. Shakespeare and Early Modern Race Studies: An Overview of the Field

    Jason Demeter and Ayanna Thompson

    34. New Economies of Gender and Sexuality: Rereading the Shakespearean Body

    Susan Bennett and Nicole Edge

    35. Shakespeare, Ecology, and Ecocriticism

    Randall Martin

    36. The Shakespearean Legal Imaginary

    Karen Cunningham


    Jill L. Levenson is Emeritus Professor of English at Trinity College, University of Toronto, Canada, and is an honorary vice president of the International Shakespeare Association.

    Robert Ormsby is Associate Professor of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.