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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Exploring New Horizons

Edited By Sergey Marochkin, Yury Bezborodov Copyright 2022
    ISBN 9780367772802
    262 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    Published May 16, 2022 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781003170617
    262 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    Published May 15, 2022 by Routledge

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    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is one of the most rapidly developing centres of the multipolar world, covering an enormous landmass including China, India, Russia and its southern Eurasian neighbours.

    With both its eight member states and a growing group of observer states, the SCO’s activities have expanded beyond its initial focus on security and stability to broader cooperation with the UN and other groupings such as the G20, BRICS, NATO and ASEAN. Bringing together large and disparate nation-states with often rival geostrategic agendas means that it not only faces substantial structural challenges but also has great potential. The contributors to this volume, representing a range of the states within the SCO, evaluate the possibilities for the Organization, and the challenges it faces in achieving them through a prism of legal regulation. They evaluate the bloc’s prospects for economic, humanitarian, legal, trade, labour, migration, and environmental cooperation, as well as its more traditional concerns with security and defence. The authors, analyzing the quality of cooperation between states within the SCO, note the controversial character of this process: it demonstrates both efficiency and declarative and decorative nature of the SCO.

    A valuable read for scholars and policy-makers with a focus on Eurasian cooperation, and processes of regionalism and universalism in international relationships.

    1. Developing Eurasian Space through Regional Cooperation: finding new ways Sergey Marochkin and Yury Bezborodov Part I Building a Basis: Roots and Grounds 2. The Formation and Institutional Development of the SCO: Historical and Legal Aspects Olga Porshneva, Mirzokhid Rakhimov and Sergey Razinkov 3. International Legal Background and Aspects of the SCO Member States Intercommunication Marat Sarsembayev and Yury Bezborodov 4. The SCO and Security Cooperation Ekaterina Mikhaylenko, Aigerim Ospanova and Maria Lagutina 5. Countering Extremism on the SCO's Agenda Aslan Abashidze and Ksenia Lyabakh Part II Moving Through the Levels of Cooperation 6. Convergence of Western and Asian Legal Values in the SCO Perspective Oleg Vinnichenko. Elena Gladun and Jumabek Busurmanov 7. Humanitarian Cooperation in the SCO: Current Situation and Development Features Olga Bogatyreva and Aida Orozobekova 8. SCO and Convergence of Member State Labour Legislation: Foundation, Opportunities, and Prospects Larisa Zaitseva and Kubanychbek Ramankulov 9. Possibilities and Perspectives for Regulating Labor Migration in the SCO Member Countries Tatyana Luzina and Amangeldy Khamzin 10. International Legal Forms of Interaction between the SCO and EAEU Zhanat Kulzhabayeva and Assem Oinarova Part III Looking Ahead: To New Prospects and Horizons 11. Economic Interactions within the SCO: New Horizons in the Era of Turbulence Olga Arkhipova and Andrey Chukreyev 12. Research on the Legal Mechanism for SCO Energy Cooperation Meng Qihong and Gong Nan 13. SCO Transport and Logistic Assistance to the CAR States Zhanna Iskakova and Amanulla Mukhamedjanov 14. Prospects of the Evolving SCO Mandate: from a Security Focus towards an Increased Economic and Strategic Partnership with India Kartikeya Dwivedi and Amika Bawa 15. Environmental protection as a challenge to the SCO Qin Tianbao and Alexander Solntsev 16. Some thoughts on the efficiency and perspectives of the SCO Sergey Marochkin and Yury Bezborodov


    Sergey Marochkin, Professor, JSD (Doctor of Juridical Sciences in legal theory and in public international law); Head, Centre for International and Comparative Legal Studies, University of Tyumen; Honored Jurist of the Russian Federation; and Member, European Society of International Law. Russia.

    Yury Bezborodov, Professor, JSD (Doctor of Juridical Sciences), Ural State Law University and Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

    "International institutions have been at the forefront of global advancement ever since the sovereign states decided to cooperate for common good instead of battling it out every time they felt the need to express themselves. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is yet another example of regional cooperation relying upon well established institutional framework of normative mutual cooperation. As a member of international institutions family it deserves a well balanced analytical analysis of its role and functions."---Aleksandr Popov, Lektor/Lecturer, Juhtimise teaduskond/Department of Management, Estonian Business School

    "SCO is an international institution existing in the cloud of misperceptions hardened into stereotypes and myths. This volume dispels the cloud and reveals the horizons of the SCO’s progress."---E. Troitskiy, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Historty), University of Tomsk, Russia

    "As an excellent collective work accomplished by outstanding scholars from SCO member states, this book reviews the history of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization since 2001, concentrates on economic, humanitarian, legal, trade, labor, migrant, and environmental issues of SCO, and explores its future development. The greatest feature of the book is that it integrates the views of scholars from member States and widens the perspective of observation, which help deepen our understanding of SCO and its future. In short, this book is full of insight and enlightenment, and is worth reading by everyone interested in SCO."---Ruan Jianping, Professor, Vice-dean, Political Science and Administration School, Wuhan University, China

    "A very timely and valuable monograph by an outstanding team of scholars. The world politics is going through serious processes of transformation and paradigm shifts in the balance of power, this leads to sharp increase in the role of regional instruments of cooperation, such as SCO. The authors cover most of the aspects of cooperation within the SCO (from security to transport and logistics) and also give some critique to the organization’s law-making and activity in the geopolitical sphere. The latter is helpful to define the ways to enhance the capacity and political role of SCO in the future."---Anna Kondratyuk, Professor, PhD in International Law, Associate Professor, Rushford Business School, SSBM-Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva

    "This up-to-date study on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization covers economic and security issues of great pertinence to the coming decades. A concise and coherent analysis by 32 distinguished scholars demonstrates that multilateralism and economic cooperation are the best recipe for peace and stability -- not only in the Eurasian region but globally. This user-friendly and erudite book belongs in every college and university library."---Alfred de Zayas, former UN Independent Expert on International Order (2012-18), Switzerland


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