1st Edition

The Silver Bullets of Commercial Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

By Christopher Lennon Copyright 2022
    138 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    138 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book empowers you to immediately grasp the opportunities that present themselves in international commercial negotiation, and to be able to create and maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships with other parties that are long lasting and productive.

    International commercial negotiations are a vital element of today’s business world. But how do you conduct them successfully? And how well trained, prepared and knowledgeable are those conducting the negotiation? What makes this book different is that it encapsulates the core ‘need to know’ elements of negotiation that can make or break a deal. It is written to be user-friendly and an easy read – it offers simple advice that will be immediately useful to the commercial negotiator and makes many complicated issues easily understandable. ‘Silver Bullets’ are provided, distilling the critical factors that have significant implications for the negotiated outcome.

    This book has been written with the experienced business professional who is engaged within commercial negotiations in mind. It provides new insight into how to add value in terms of negotiation skills and operational efficiency. The book has been deliberately written in a non-technical, easy-to-read style that will have broad appeal.

    1. Introduction  2. The Critical Choice: Compete or Co-operate?  3. The Effective Communicator: Managing and Understanding the Verbal/Non-verbal Interface  4. Managing Stress and Controlling Conflict  5. Styles of Negotiators  6. Planning to Negotiate  7. Preparing to Negotiate  8. Decision-Making within Negotiation Scenarios  9. Negotiation as a Tool for Dispute Resolution  10. Power and Negotiation  11. Establishing and Maintaining Control  12. Deception, Misdirection, Lying and Half-Truths  13. Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation  14. Team Negotiations 


    Christopher Lennon is the Director of Stone Falcon Corporate and Legal Consulting Ltd. An International Commercial Arbitrator and Mediator, he was empanelled at the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), specialising in project-related disputes. He has advised a number of governments as well as many business organisations on contractual/negotiating strategies and tactics, and has taught commercial negotiation internationally for nearly 14 years to professional audiences.

    "This is a very readable insight into the nuanced world of negotiation. Chris Lennon expertly navigates its complexities and provides useful guidance and aide-memoire for those involved."  

    Mark Thompson, Founder, Epeus Ltd

    "In this book, Chris Lennon gives a balanced view on the various approaches and skill sets required during the negotiation process. His ability to focus on the key components plus the cultural and behavioural considerations that influence the way that a value proposition is both given and received, will have the reader identifying with their own personal experiences of perceived successes and failures and will be an excellent reference point for anyone looking to participate in the negotiation process on either a personal or business level."

    Steve Johnson, MSc, FCIPS Chartered Ex Dip, FCILT, Group Commercial Director, TEXO

    "Chris examines the topic of negotiation from various practical angles based on his many years of ‘in the field’ experience advising clients."

    Mark Tudor, Regional Counsel at BW Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd

    "Lennon teaches that power and self-interest are key drivers on both sides of any negotiation. He highlights that it is vital at the outset to assess your own negotiating power, and just as important, assess the negotiating power of the other side. Look for the points where the self-interest of the parties coincides and direct your negotiation accordingly. These are lessons we all need to ‘relearn’ before we start every new negotiation."

    Uisdean Vass, Managing Director, VassPetro Limited

    "An informative read with a pragmatic approach to negotiating; always with the ‘end result’ in mind, an ‘aide memoire’ for the seasoned negotiator and a definitive road map for those wishing to learn more about commercial negotiation."

    Simon James, CEng MEI, CMgr FCMI, LLM, MSc, Managing Director, Capability James Ltd

    "Christopher Lennon is a master negotiator, as demonstrated in his ‘Silver Bullets’. Readers of all backgrounds and disciplines will gain an advantage in their negotiating prowess, leading the reader to success. Mr. Lennon has not only made the negotiating process crystal clear, but he has also evolved it with his coined terms such as ‘Psychic Armour’. Commercial negotiation is truly an art form, very much like the art of winemaking, where the negotiator must equip himself with the arsenal of tools necessary to navigate the perilous line between success and failure, whether it be across the boardroom table or in the winery business. This is precisely what Chris has demonstrated in this new book, resulting in an enjoyable and informative read."

    Dominic Burke, Head Winemaker, Salvatore Vineyards, Arizona, USA

    "This book will serve as a practical and realistic guide through the demanding and unpredictable art of negotiation. Chris Lennon uses real life examples of strategies and tactics used to achieve acceptable goals and objectives. He achieves this keeping the reader informed of the many pitfalls and risks that can confront the practitioner. A very effective refresher for the experienced negotiator and a must read for the those new to the art. 

    George Clark, Sales & Commercial Support Director, Oilfield Service

    "One of the things our own students always valued about Chris's teaching was how it was rooted in his own practical experience, and another thing was his own engaging style of delivery. It is good to see that both are very much to the fore in this new volume from Chris, which will no doubt be a popular and accessible text, which his readership will find rewarding."

    Dr Paul Davidson, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen

    "I have known Christopher Lennon for more than 30 years and find him very observant, analytical and able to learn from his experience. He applies his mind to every situation and walks away from such a wiser and more capable man. Clearly the author has extensive experience in ‘real’ negotiations, and has most certainly learned from those.  Most importantly, he fully comprehends the fact that one does not ‘see’ with your eyes only, and not ‘hear’ with only the ears. As an officer in the SA Army, through turbulent times, and in negotiations with peers, senior command, junior subordinates and civilians in labour disputes, I personally experienced many of the situations he refers to and on many levels, from the strategic to the tactical. In retrospect, I wish I had had the opportunity to study his lessons beforehand. I could certainly have benefited from those. His wisdom and sound approach rings true. I can really recommend this work to any manager or negotiator in any setting, on any level."

    Brigadier Genl (Ret) André Retief, Former General Officer Commanding South African Army Armour Formation, Pretoria, South Africa

    "In this book, I believe that Lennon has managed to encapsulate the very essence of both the negotiation process and its component parts. I found that many concepts and intangible elements were expressed effortlessly, but in such a way that the read was enjoyable and easily understood. I believe that this book will be very useful to those of us engaged within commercial negotiations, in terms of gaining a new perspective and/or some new, value-adding ideas to put into practice."

    Jonathan Boud, Managing Director, SALT Ltd

    "The Silver Bullets of Commercial Negotiation is clearly written and understandable. Straight to the point where organizations should aim their strategies in negotiations. Communication is key in the context to align strategy and operation. This should also be the case with regard to change. The external stakeholder / customer should also be aware of the direction. The understanding of culture and values when going international is very important and well addressed."

    Elfried Paulina, Strategic Manager, Curoil, Curacao (Ret.)

    "A useful guide for anyone preparing to conduct a commercial negotiation, full of practical tips and sage advice.  Examines the pros and cons of different strategic approaches, with a healthy reminder how to keep self interest in check to secure a lasting deal."

    Tim Hardy, Managing Director, Hardy ADR Consultants Ltd

    "As in his first book ‘The Silver Bullets of Project Management’, this book is yet again full of practical experiential learning and ‘ready to use’ advice. Whilst any negotiation process is essentially based on what is known between the parties, a most interesting—if not alarming—aspect is what is unknown between the negotiating parties. In this regard the concepts of deception, misdirection, outright lying and half-truths may be at play in some shape or form. Whilst deception may be deliberate during negotiations, (one party deliberately wants to mislead the counterparty), it may also be ‘by pure fluke.’ One of the parties may opportunistically use information that was accidently leaked to devise shrewd and powerful counter arguments during the process. In this regard, the author has very practical and valid advice that all negotiators should be on the lookout for and be actively practicing. Truly some very practical insight to detect and manage deception during the negotiation process. A must read for any negotiator."

    Nic Loubser, Business Strategist, Project Director, KMC Value Creation

    "All who are interested in the subject of power relationships in negotiation must engage with the scintillating ideas in this book based on real world examples from Chris Lennon, a boundary-crossing professional."

    Philip TN Koh, Adjunct Professor, University Malaya; Senior Partner and Corporate & Dispute Resolution Lawyer

    "This is a practical guide to negotiation, written by an experienced and well-qualified negotiator. It is also deeply informed and anything but dry reading."

    Dr. JD Lamb, School of Business, University of Aberdeen

    "This book is a detailed and thoughtful insight into the world of negotiation written by someone with an unrivalled depth of knowledge in the complex world of global energy negotiations, and the informative nature of the book’s construction lends its content to many other situations in industry, commerce and one’s personal life."

    Derek Donald, Director, George Donald Ltd