1st Edition

The Silvicultural Basis For Agroforestry Systems

Edited By Florencia Montagnini, Mark S Ashton Copyright 2000
    288 Pages
    by CRC Press

    During the Green Revolution in many developing countries, agroforestry systems tended to reflect modern agricultural systems by their intensive use of fertilizers, pesticides, and site modifications to fit the desired crop. Since the 1980's, agroforestry has learned from traditional indigenous systems to work more closely with the fertility of marginal lands through the use of less intensive cultivation and fallow periods.
    True to its title, this volume provides a silvicultural framework for thinking about the design and practice of agroforestry systems. Unlike many general agroforestry books, The Silvicultural Basis for Agroforestry Systems emphasizes research and thoughts from a forestry perspective rather than an agricultural one. Many of the examples used in this reference are based on the ecological theory of forests that concern the competition for resources of plant-plant and plant-animal mixtures. This guide also uses the knowledge gained about the temporal and spatial dynamic and productivity of forests as the basis for silvicultural applications in agroforestry systems.
    The Silvicultural Basis for Agroforestry Systems contains three parts:

    A Philosophical Approach to Silviculture in Agroforestry - M.S. Ashton and F. Montagnini
    Part I: Understanding Plant-Environment Interactions: A Basis for Silviculture in Agroforestry Systems
    Light, Moisture and Nutrient Use by Plants - G.P. Berlyn and J. Cho
    Nitrogen-Fixing Leguminous Trees and Shrubs: A Basic Resource of Agroforestry - J.A. Bryan
    Ecological Theory of Diversity and Its Application to Mixed-Species Plantations - P.S. Ashton
    Some Applications of Multi-Trophic Level Ecological Theory to Agroforestry Systems - A.P. Beckerman
    Part II: Pattern and Process of Forests as Templates for Silvicultural Applications in Agroforestry Systems
    Water Use and Climatic Relationships in Agroforestry - D.M. Smith
    Nutrient Cycling and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Agroforestry Systems - F. Montagnini, C.F. Jordan, and R.M. Machado
    Nitrogen-Fixation in Traditional and Modern Agroforestry Systems - J.A. Bryan
    Species Interactions, Stand Structure, and Productivity in Agroforestry Systems - M.J. Kelty
    Agroforestry Systems As Successional Analogs to Native Forests - M.S. Ashton and M.J. Ducey
    Part III: Putting The Silvicultural Framework Together For Agroforestry Systems
    Site Classification and the Management of Landscape Pattern in Agroforestry Systems - M.J. Ducey, M.S. Ashton, and B.C. Larson
    Defining Silvicultural Systems Within Agroforestry - M.S. Ashton, F. Montagnini, and M.J. Kelty


    Florencia Montagnini, Mark S Ashton