120 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    119 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    This collection of more than one hundred original and highly sophisticated puzzles presents challenges that require creative, “outside of the box” thinking. Many different types of puzzles are included, such as word, number, logical, visual, spatial, dissection, dividing, dot-connecting, matchstick, coin, and more. Each aesthetically appealing puzzle is designed to improve problem solving skills; train geometric, combinatorial, and spatial imagination; bolster visual perception and logical reasoning; and foster the development of a perseverant and self-confident approach to challenges.

    Preface, Puzzles, Introduction to Puzzles, Solutions, Solutions Introduction to Solutions, Solutions to Individual Puzzles,


    Grabarchuk, Serhiy; Grabarchuk, Peter; Grabarchuk Jr., Serhiy

    This amazingly captivating book collects over one hundred original brain teasers conceived and tastefully designed by the Grabarchuk family … The book will be enjoyed by all puzzle lovers ...
    Zentralblatt MATH, February 2009

    This collection of puzzles will provide many interesting, fun and enjoyable moments to anyone who solves them. It can be recommended to all readers who like solving brainteasers.
    European Mathematical Society Newsletter, September 2008

    The collection of over one hundred puzzles will spark out of the box thinking and lead to 'aha!' moments that even Martin Gardner would appreciate.
    MAA Reviews, July 2008

    NPR's Next Week's Challenge
    This brainteaser comes from Serhiy Grabarchuk, Peter Grabarchuk and Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr., a family of puzzle makers in Ukraine. A calculator displays a five-digit number. The first four digits are 8735. These digits form a logical sequence. What is the fifth number in the series?
    —NPR, June 2008