2nd Edition

The Sino-Tibetan Languages

Edited By Graham Thurgood, Randy J. LaPolla Copyright 2017
    1048 Pages
    by Routledge

    1048 Pages
    by Routledge

    There are more native speakers of Sino-Tibetan languages than of any other language family in the world. Our records of these languages are among the oldest for any human language, and the amount of active research on them has multiplied in the last few decades.

    Now in its second edition and fully updated to include new research, The Sino-Tibetan Languages includes overview articles on individual languages, with an emphasis on the less commonly described languages, as well as descriptions and comments on the subgroups in which they occur.

    There are overviews of the whole family on genetic classification and language contact, syntax and morphology, and also on word order typology. There are also more detailed overview articles on the phonology, morphosyntax, and writing system of just the Sinitic side of the family. Supplementing these overviews are articles on Shanghainese, Cantonese and Mandarin dialects. Tibeto-Burman is reviewed by genetic or geographical sub-group, with overview articles on some of the major groups and areas, and there are also detailed descriptions of 41 individual Tibeto-Burman languages, written by world experts in the field.

    Designed for students and researchers of Asian languages, The Sino-Tibetan Languages is a detailed overview of the field. This book is invaluable to language students, experts requiring concise, but thorough, information on related languages, and researchers working in historical, typological and comparative linguistics.

    PART 1: Overview Chapters

    C01 Sino-Tibetan: genetic and areal subgroups - Graham Thurgood

    C02 Overview of Sino-Tibetan  morphosyntax - Randy J. LaPolla

    C03 Word order in Sino-Tibetan languages from a typological and geographical perspective - Matthew S. Dryer

    PART 2: Sinitic

    C04 The Sinitic languages: phonology - Zev Handel

    C05 The Sinitic languages: grammar - Anne O. Yue

    C06 The characteristics of Mandarin dialects - Dah-an Ho

    C07 Cantonese - Robert S. Bauer and Stephen Matthews

    C08 Shanghainese - Eric Zee and Liejiong Xu

    C09  Chinese writing - Mark Hansell

    PART 3: Tibeto-Burman

    §3.1: Languages of NE India

    C10 The Tibeto-Burman languages of Northeastern India - Mark W. Post and Robbins Burling

    C11 Garo - Robbins Burling

    C12  Hakha Lai - David A. Peterson

    C13  Mongsen Ao - Alexander R. Coupe 

    C14  Karbi - Linda Konnerth

    C15 Tani languages - Mark W. Post and Jackson T.-S. Sun

    C16  Meithei - Shobhana Chelliah

    C17 Tangsa - Stephen D. Morey

    §3.2: Bodish languages

    C18  Classical Tibetan - Scott DeLancey

    C19  Lhasa Tibetan - Scott DeLancey

    C20  Kurtöp - Gwendolyn Hyslop

    C21  Tshangla - Erik Andvik

    C22  Dolakhae Newar - Carol Genetti

    C23  Kathmandu Newar (Nepāl Bhāṣā) - David Hargreaves

    §3.3: Tamangic

    C24 Tamang - Martine Mazaudon

    C25  Chantyal - Mickey Noonan and Kristine A. Hildebrandt

    C26  Manange - Kristine Hildebrandt and Oliver Bond

    C27  Nar Phu - Mickey Noonan and Kristine A. Hildebrandt

    §3.4 Rung languages

    §3.4.1: Rgyalrong languages

    C28 Tshobdun rGyalrong - Jackson T.-S. Sun

    C29  Cogtse rGyarong - Yasuhiko Nagano

    C30 Stau (Ergong, Horpa) - Guillaume Jacques, Lai Yunfan, Anton Antonov and Lobsang Nima

    C31  Japhug - Guillaume Jacques

    §3.4.2: Rawang-Dulong-Anong

    C32  Dulong - Randy J. LaPolla

    §3.4.3: Kiranti

    C33  Kiranti languages - Boyd Michailovsky

    C34  Hayu - Boyd Michailovsky

    C35  Belhare - Balthasar Bickel

    C36 Camling - Karen H. Ebert

    C37  Wambule Rai - Jean Robert Opgenort

    §3.4.4: Western Himalayan

    C38  Sangla Kinnauri - Anju Saxena

    §3.5: Qiangic

    C39  Qiang - Randy J. LaPolla

    C40 Prinmi - Picus Sizhi Ding

    C41  Tangut - Gong Hwang-cherng

    C42  Lizu [Ersu] - Katia Chirkova

    §3.6: Naic [Naxi]

    C43  Yongning Na (Mosuo) - Liberty A. Lidz

    §3.7: Lolo-Burmese

    C44  Burmese - Julian K. Wheatley

    C45  Zaiwa - Zhu Yanhua

    C46  Akha - Inga-Lill Hansson

    C47  Lisu - David Bradley

    C48 James Matisoff Lahu

    §3.8: Karenic

    C49  Eastern K


    Graham Thurgood PhD is Professor Emeritus at California State University, Chico, USA.

    Randy J. LaPolla PhD FAHA is Professor of Linguistics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.