1st Edition

The Slave Trade & Migration

By Paul Finkelman Copyright 1990

    First Published in 1990. American slavery began in Africa. An understanding of slavery begins with the African slave trade and the domestic slave trade. Both were indispensable to the creation of the New World slave societies, including the colonies that became the United States. This book is part of a eighteen volume series collecting nearly four hundred of the most important articles on slavery in the United States. Volume 2 looks at the domestic and foreign slave trade and migration and includes pioneering articles in the history of slavery, important break-throughs in research and methodology, and articles that offer major historiographical interpretations.

    Contents of the Series
    1. Slavery and
    2. Slave Trade and
    Migration: Domestic
    and Foreign
    3. Colonial Southern
    4. Slavery, Revolutionary
    America, and the New
    5. Slavery in the North
    and the West
    6. Fugitive Slaves
    7. Southern Slavery at the
    State and Local Level
    8. The Culture and
    Community of Slavery
    9. Women and the Family
    in a Slave Society
    10. Economics,
    Urbanization, and
    11. Law, the Constitution,
    and Slavery
    12. Proslavery Thought,
    Ideology, and Politics
    13. Rebellion, Resistance,
    and Runaways Within
    the Slave South
    14. Antislavery
    15. Medicine, Nutrition,
    Demography, and
    16. Religion and Slavery
    17. Free Blacks in a Slave
    18. Comparative Issues in


    Finkelman, Paul