1st Edition

The Social Organization of Sports Medicine Critical Socio-Cultural Perspectives

Edited By Dominic Malcolm, Parissa Safai Copyright 2012
    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Social Organization of Sports Medicine is the first book-length overview of the social scientific study of sports medicine, drawing together work from an international cadre of scholars who examine and provide interdisciplinary analysis of the dynamic and multi-faceted relationships between sports and medicine and within sports medicine. The book charts changing perceptions of sport within medical discourse, attempts by sports medicine providers to forge professional identities in response to these processes, the day-to-day experiences of deliverers of sports medicine and the reactions of recipients of that healthcare. The contents are organized in four sections, examining the competing and changing ways in which sports medicine is conceived, the ways in which it is organized, the ways in which it is practiced, and points of contestation between traditional and alternative and emerging forms of (sports) medicine. This collection of essays consolidates recent advances in this area of study and establishes a basis for the future development of the field.

    1. Introduction: The Social Science of Sports Medicine  Dominic Malcolm and Parissa Safai  Part I: Sports Medicine Conceived  2. The Role of Physiology and Cardiology in the Founding and Early Years of the American College of Sports Medicine  Jack W. Berryman  3. From Voluntarism to Specialization: Sports Medicine and the British Association of Sport and Medicine  Neil Carter  4. From Rehabilitation Patients to Rehabilitating Athletes: Searching for a History of Sports Medicine for Athletes with Disabilities  Fred Mason  Part II: Sports Medicine Organized  5. Women Professional Athletes’ Injury Care: The Case of Women’s Football  Joseph A. Kotarba  6. Public Health, Elite Sport and "Risky Behaviours" at the Canada Winter Games  Victoria Paraschak  7. The Benefits and Challenges of Complementary and Alternative Medicines for Health-Care in Sport  Elizabeth C.J. Pike  8. Challenges to the Implementation of a Rationalized Model of Sports Medicine: An Analysis in the Canadian Context  Nancy Theberge  Part III: Sports Medicine Practices  9. Docile Bodies or Reflexive Users? On the Individualization of Medical Risk in Sports  Lone Friis Thing  10. Sports Medicine, Client Control and the Limits of Professional Autonomy  Ivan Waddington  11. Making Compromises in Sports Medicine: An Examination of the Health-Performance Nexus in British Olympic Sports  Andrea Scott  12. Sports Physicians and Doping: Medical Ethics and Elite Performance  John Hoberman  Part IV: Sports and Medicine Contested  13. Doctors Without Degrees  Michael Atkinson  14. Pre-Participation Screenings in Sports: A Review of Current Genetic/Non-Genetic Test Strategies  Arno Müller  15. Sports Medicine Beyond Therapy: Genetic Doping and Enhancement  Yoshitaka Kondo and Mike McNamee


    Dominic Malcolm is Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport at Loughborough University.

    Parissa Safai is Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University.