1st Edition

The Social Psychology of HIV Infection

Edited By John B. Pryor, Glenn D. Reeder Copyright 1993
    392 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    396 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    In the early 1980s we witnessed the birth of one of the most complex and perplexing social problems faced by modern society: the epidemic of infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Originally published in 1993 this title looks at the social psychology surrounding HIV and AIDS. The organization of the volume centres upon two themes: The Theoretical Roots of Prevention and The Dilemma of the PWA (person with AIDS). The goal of this volume is not to evaluate previous attempts to answer these social problems, but to provide theoretical analyses of some of the basic sociopsychological processes that underlie the problems.

    Over 20 years on this is a snapshot of research into HIV and AIDS and attitudes of the time looking at social problems that are very much still with us.

    Preface  Part 1: The Theoretical Roots of Prevention.  Social Cognitive Views on the Perception of HIV Risks and the Performance of Risky Behaviors  1. Patricia W. Linville, Gregory W. Fischer and Baruch Fischhoff AIDS Risk Perceptions and Decision Biases  2. J. van der Pligt, Wilma Otten, RenĂ© Richard and Frank van der Velde Perceived Risk of AIDS: Unrealistic Optimism and Self-Protective Action  3. Meg Gerrard, Frederick X. Gibbons, Teddy D. Warner and Gabie E. Smith Perceived Vulnerability to HIV Infection and AIDS Preventive Behavior: A Critical Review of the Evidence  4. Lynn Carol Miller, B. Ann Bettencourt, Sherrine Chapman DeBro and Valerie Hoffman Negotiating Safer Sex: Interpersonal Dynamics.  Theoretical Perspectives on Intervention  5. William A. Fisher and Jeffrey D. Fisher A General Social Psychological Model for Changing AIDS Risk Behavior  6. Richard E. Petty, Faith Gleicher and W. Blair G. Jarvis Persuasion Theory and AIDS Prevention  7. John B. Jemmott and James M. Jones Social Psychology and AIDS Among Ethnic Minority Individuals: Risk Behaviors and Strategies for Changing Them  Part 2: The Dilemma of the PWA: Stigma, Prosocial Reactions, and Coping.  Understanding the Stigma of AIDS  8. Gregory M. Herek and Eric K. Glunt Public Attitudes Toward AIDS-Related Issues in the United States  9. John B. Pryor and Glenn D. Reeder Collective and Individual Representations of HIV/AIDS Stigma  10. Bernard Weiner AIDS from an Attributional Perspective.  Coping with HIV Infection and Social Support  11. Shelley E. Taylor, Margaret E. Kemeny, Stephen G. Schneider and Lisa G. Aspinwall Coping with the Threat of AIDS  12. Allen M. Omoto, Mark Snyder and James P. Berghuis The Psychology of Volunteerism: A Conceptual Analysis and a Program of Action Research.  Author Index.  Subject Index.


    Pryor, John B.; Reeder, Glenn D.