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1st Edition

The Social Services of Modern England

By M. Penelope Hall Copyright 1998
    ISBN 9780415868600
    398 Pages
    Published September 25, 2013 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415177252
    398 Pages
    Published January 31, 2003 by Routledge

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    First Published in 1998. This is Volume XIII of eighteen of a series on the Sociology of Public Policy, Welfare and Social Work. Written in 1952, this book looks at the social services after the closing years of the Second World War and the period of reconstruction which followed, when they embraced social insurance and assistance, health, housing, education, the care of old people and of deprived children-which had been expanding and developing during the previous half-century. During this they were examined, evaluated and reconstituted. Their scope was widened to include the whole population, and the benefits provided were made more far-reaching and comprehensive.

    Chapter 1 The Development of the Social Services; Part 1 Meeting Basic Needs; Chapter 2 Families In Poverty; Chapter 3 Social Insurance; Chapter 4 Social Assistance; Chapter 5 The Development of the Health Services; Chapter 6 The National Health Service; Chapter 7 Social Aspects of Housing and Town Planning; Part 2 Individualising the Social Services; Chapter 8 Social Work in the Social Services; Chapter 9 Advice for the Citizen; Chapter 10 Problem Families; Part 3 Social Services for Children and Young People; Chapter 11 The Welfare of Mothers and Young Children; Chapter 12 The Health and Welfare of the School Child; Chapter 13 Provisions for the Treatment of Handicapped Children; Chapter 14 The Child Deprived of Home Care; Chapter 15 The Youth Employment Service; Chapter 16 The Young Worker; Chapter 17 The Service of Youth; Part 4 The Aged and Handicapped; Chapter 18 The Welfare of Old People; Chapter 19 The Permanently Handicapped; Chapter 20 The Mental Health Services; Part 5 Community Service; Chapter 21 Settlements and Community Centres; Chapter 22 Co-Operation in Social Service; Chapter 23 The Welfare State;


    M.Penelope Hall

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