1st Edition

The Social Work and LGBTQ Sexual Trauma Casebook Phenomenological Perspectives

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    This inspiring text offers a collection of case studies from expert clinical social workers who work closely with survivors of LGBTQ-related sexual trauma.

    The book covers a wide range of topics, such as gender and sexual minority asylum seekers, the embodiment of queer identity, the role of religion, regionality in the LGBTQ experience, and effective use of gay affirmative therapy. Each chapter is framed by key questions that encourage students and mental health practitioners to "think through" the specific needs and challenges of LGBTQ individuals who have experienced sexual trauma. Additional resources include an example of effective supervision and an example of a case conceptualization.

    Drawing on the importance of narrative social work and the record of experience it provides, The Social Work and LGBTQ Sexual Trauma Casebook is an essential text for students and clinical social workers working with LGBTQ survivors of sexual trauma.

    Section One  1. Queering Trauma Therapy: The Case of Ariel, a Gender Non-Binary Undocumented Latina Immigrant in the U.S. Miriam Jaffe  2. The Devil You Know: Emerging Queer Identity as Traumatic Loss in a Religious Community Erica Goldblatt Hyatt  3. Whose Story is it Anyway? Supporting Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Seekers in the Preparation of Their Trauma Narratives Sarilee Kahn and Edward J. Alessi  Interlude Tara's Story Roxanna Ast Sam’s Story Roxanna Ast  Section Two  4. Straight on the Streets and Gay for the Stay: The Emerging Bisexulaity of a Trafficked Female Karie McGuire  5. Trauma, Fantasy, and Identity Development in a Transgender Client: The Case Study of Alex Megan Conti 6. On Losing and Finding My Sissy Body: A Psychoanalytic-Phenomenological Perspective on the Trauma of Growing Up Gay Eric Hartman  Interlude Applied Intersectionality in the Case of a Black Lesbian: An Example of Clinical Supervision Tracy Norris Steve’s Story: A Case Conceptualization Jeffrey Longhofer  Section Three 7. (Mis)Taken Judgement: The Social Construction of Loyalty and Love for a Lesbian in Rural Appalachia Sandra Van Nest  8. Attachment Patterns and Gay Male Identity in a Case of Complex Trauma Michael Jarrette-Kenney 9. Effective Use of Gay Affirmative Therapy in a Forensic Case of Sexual Trauma Russell Healy


    Miriam Jaffe, PhD, LSW, is an assistant teaching professor of graduate composition in the Rutgers University Writing Program.  She specializes in issues of autobiography and life-writing.

    Megan Conti, LCSW, DSW, is a specialist in sexual trauma. She practices through a psychodynamic, feminist lens with clients aged 3-75 in both community-based mental health agencies and in private practice.

    Jeffrey Longhofer, PhD, LCSW, is an associate professor of social work at Rutgers University.  He is the author of A-Z of Psychodynamic Practice and co-author of On Being and Having a Case Manager. His clinical practice focuses on children, adolescents, and adults.

    Jerry Floersch, LCSW, PhD, is an associate professor of social work at Rutgers University. He is the author of Meds, Money, and Manners: The Case Management of Severe Mental Illness and co-author of Qualitative Methods for Practice Research.  His clinical practice focuses on adolescents and adults.

    "Trauma related to being LGBTQ or non-binary is sadly all too common, and the field has long needed an in-depth exploration of sexual traumas, especially one designed for practicing social workers. Presented by experienced clinicians, the case studies include people living in other nations and cultures, in the child protection system, those who are immigrants or asylum seekers, and those having struggles with religion, who are seeking psychotherapy to cope with a range of life crises. Enriched by invitations to reflect on each case presented, this casebook is a 'must read' for those dedicated to affirmative practice with LBGTQ and non-binary people who have experienced sexual trauma."

    Jeane W. Anastas, PhD, LMSW, ACSW, professor of social work, New York University

    "This innovative book offers several rich and in-depth case examples which can be used to deepen both education and clinical supervision. What makes this book distinct is how the editors focused the contributors on 'writing to the question' and considering how to create 'play' in the clinical encounter. For example, instead of bringing a theoretical orientation to the clinical encounter, they encouraged centering not-knowing in order to deeply sit listening for what the client says, who the client is, and what the client needs. The focus on LGBTQ trauma is critical as there are few texts that integrate theory, literature, and practice for this often-invisible population. This book seamlessly provides core readings and questions at the end of each case to allow space for more questioning, learning, understanding, and growing. An impressive compilation of scholars brings together complex, current case contexts, such as undocumented youth, gender-non-conforming, and traumatic experiences, to name a few."

    Michelle R. Munson, PhD, LMSW, Professor, New York University Silver School of Social Work