1st Edition

The Sociology of Industry

By Richard Brown, John Child, Dr S R Parker Copyright 1981
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book provides an excellent introduction to the sociology of industry. It comprises of three sections, which in turn address: the relation between industry and other sub-systems or institutions in society; the internal structure of industry and the roles people play within that structure; the social actions of individuals and groups within an organisational structure. It is an excellent resource for students of sociology who have an interest in its application to the ‘world of work’.

    Industrial Sociology, M.A. Smith  Part 1: Institutions and Models  2. The Economy: Structure and change, S.R. Parker  3. Industry and Education, S.R. Parker  4. Industry and the Family, S.R. Parker  5. Industry and Social Stratification, S.R. Parker  6. Industry, the Community and the Polity, S.R. Parker  Part 2: Organisations and Roles  7. Organisations, M.A. Smith  8. Approaches to Workplace Behaviour, R.K. Brown  9. Shop Floor Strategies and Reactions to Change, R.K. Brown  10. Management, J. Child  11. Organised Interest Groups, S.R. Parker  Part 3: Aspects of Occupations  12. Occupations, Changes and their Consequences, S.R. Parker  13. Work Involvement and its Alternatives, S.R. Parker  14. The Subjective Experiences of Work, S.R. Parker  15. Questions of Procedure and Identity, J. Child  16. Industrial Sociology and Industrial Society, J. Child


    Richard Brown, John Child, Dr S.R. Parker