1st Edition

The Sovereignty of Good

By Iris Murdoch Copyright 2014

    Iris Murdoch was one of the great philosophers and novelists of the twentieth century and The Sovereignty of Good is her most important and enduring philosophical work. She argues that philosophy has focused, mistakenly, on what it is right to do rather than good to be and that only by restoring the notion of ‘vision’ to moral thinking can this distortion be corrected. This brilliant work shows why Iris Murdoch remains essential reading: a vivid and uncompromising style, a commitment to forceful argument, and a courage to go against the grain.

    With a foreword by Mary Midgley.

    Foreword to Routledge Great Minds Edition  1.  The Idea of Perfection  2.  On 'God' and 'Good'  3.  The Sovereignty of Good Over Other Concepts Index


    Iris Murdoch