1st Edition

The State and Industry in South Korea The Limits of the Authoritarian State

By Jong-Chan Rhee Copyright 1994

    The economic success of East Asia is often attributed to the relationship between state and business. In The State and Industry in South Korea , Jong-Chan Rhee presents a more balanced view of Korea's `industrial miracle'. The book examines the limits of a strong authoritarian state as a vehicle for intervening in the market or for sponsoring liberal reform. In so doing the author focuses on how state-controlled industrial adjustment in Korea has succeeded and failed.

    Preface, Introduction 1 Institutional change and capitalist collective action: the analytical framework and arguments 2 The state-led industrial adjustments in comparative perspective: Japan and France 3 The limits of state-led heavy and chemical industrialization 4 The policy formation of investment adjustment for economic stabilization 5 The policy failure of the first investment adjustment 6 The policy failure of the second investment adjustment 7 The politics of economic reform 8 The return to a collusive state-big business governing coalition: the disposals of financially ill-managed firms


    Jong-Chan Rhee teaches in the Department of Political Science at Kyung Hee University, Seoul. He is particularly interested in the comparative financial politics of Korea, Japan and France.