Originally published in 1987, this book is written primarily for planners, public administrators and project managers in countries or international agencies considering a development strategy in which agribusiness and rural enterprise projects are viewed as a desirable policy instrument for generating employment and income. It makes available the background and methodology of project analysis so that agribusiness and rural enterprise project can be designed, implemented and reviewed effectively in a wide range of circumstances. It outlines how to establish objectively the potential and limitations of agribusiness and rural enterprise projects; provides guidelines for deciding whether a project can be effective; considers the policy issues relating to such projects and suggests techniques for judging project performance.



    Peter Self was a journalist, academic and planning policy-maker. Herbert J. Storing was Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, USA.

    Reviews of the Original Edition of The State and the Farmer:

    ‘Eminently readable and is the result of voluminous and painstaking research. It makes good use of original sources of information, both written and oral, and is well documented. It will be of great value to present and future students of the economic, social and political history of farming.’ Agriculture

    ‘Nothing is left hidden from view and the post-war development of agricultural policy, the growth of organization within the industry, and the relationship of the three partners with the Government are laid bare here with crystal clarity…’ Country Landowner

    ‘A first-class book that draws together the threads of British agricultural policy…’ The Listener.