1st Edition

The Status of Everyday Life (Routledge Revivals) A Sociological Excavation of the Prevailing Framework of Perception

By Fiona Mackie Copyright 2011
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1985, this reissue indicates the extent to which our basic perceptual structure is bound to and limited by a particular underlying perceptual patterning. Fiona Mackie reaches deeper even than the Habermasian approach to rationality by tracing an underlying structuring of perception not addressed by psychoanalysis. She moves beyond phenomenology by reactivating what she terms 'memory glows', which encapsulates a primordial mode of experiencing, and shows how the form of language and thinking changes to express that reversal which she sees as crucial in our contemporary crisis.

    Introduction: themes in sociology that point towards our motivePart one: Excavating phenomenology: a critical view 1. Husserl: a search for meaning and method 2. Heidegger: the shroud of the average on our Being-in-the-world 3. Merleau-Ponty: an archeology of perception 4. Schutz: the reinstatement of the 'natural attitude' Part two: A trasition to an alternative 5. Entering the process: addicts of an imposed state of consciousness 6. Transition to an alternate way of seeing 7. The fear barrier and the tautology barrier: mutuality severed in the maintenance of tyhe atomized 'individual' 8. Deeper into an alternate consciousness: means of blockage, means of liberation 9. Beyond the time barrier: the sanity barrier 10. Transition to an alternate spatiality: 'seeing' and 'meaning' merge and become fused in con-centration


    Fiona Mackie