1st Edition

The Stock Market Game A Simulation of Stock Market Trading (Grades 5-8)

By Dianne Draze Copyright 2005
    66 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    The stock market is in the news every day, and even people who do not personally trade securities or intend to make a fortune by trading stocks have an interest in knowing something about the stock market. By giving students an understanding of the stock market, we are preparing them to deal knowledgeably with an area of our society that has a vast effect on their lives. Whether or not they choose later in life to trade stocks on an individual basis, they will have the knowledge that will enable them to understand this aspect of the economy and how their personal economic pictures are affected by the larger economic landscape.

    The Stock Market Game is a fun, informative simulation game that provides the information and framework for students to learn about the economics and psychology of the stock market. This easy-to-use guide includes:

    • information about all aspects of company ownership;
    • information on stocks, stock prices, the stock market, buying and selling stocks, and forces that affect stock prices;
    • a minisimulation that can be completed in 1 week; and
    • a longer simulation that follows the real stock market for several months.

    All information is presented on reproducible pages, illustrated with examples, and followed by exercises that let students apply their knowledge. This motivating unit will give students insights they will carry with them into their adult lives. This combination curriculum guide/simulation has it all. All you have to do is add current stock prices from your newspaper or the Internet.

    For more information on business ownership, use the simulation Open for Business.

    Grades 5-8

    Information for the Instructor Glossary of Terms Stock Phrases Business Ownership Something To Do Stock Prices Figuring Prices Prices and Events Look It Up Reading Stock Prices Making Money with Stocks Making Money with Stocks Activity Buy or Sell? Charting Prices Stock Exchanges Which Exchange? Benchmarks Something To Do Stockbrokers and Commissions Buying Stocks Figuring Commission Buying Stock How to Pick a Winner The Right Choice The Stock Market Game (Short Version) Overview and Procedures Rules Company Profiles Stock Prices News Reports Trading Record Stock Portfolio Record Cash Reserve Record The Stock Market Game (Long Version) Overview and Procedures Rules Company Profiles Trading Record Stock Portfolio Record Cash Reserve Record Daily Stock Prices Examples of Recording Sheets Answers


    Dianne Draze holds both a bachelor's degree in education with a major in mathematics and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Beginning her tenure in the field of education in 1968, she has found many ways to enrich the educational experiences of children. She taught upper elementary grades, junior high mathematics, English and history, gifted programs for grades 1-8, and education classes at the university level.

    Draze founded Dandy Lion Publications in 1977, creating a publishing house that specialized in curriculum materials that were appropriate for able learners and gifted students, that combined motivating content with challenging activities, and that were easy for teachers to use. In the capacity of owner and editor, she wrote more than 50 books and edited an additional 119 books. Her goal, whether writing or editing, was to create materials that would engage students in thinking, creating, making new discoveries, and applying what they learned to new situations. A person with a great curiosity, she has written curriculum guides on many topics and is always interested in whatever topic she is currently researching or editing.

    Draze has retired from full-time involvement in Dandy Lion Publications and currently consults, writes, and edits on a part-time basis.