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1st Edition

The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook
The Art of Agile Alliances

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ISBN 9781032129006
May 9, 2022 Forthcoming by Routledge
360 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook: The Art of Agile Alliances is for technology and professional services practitioners and executives seeking faster value from their partnerships as traditional alliances are changing rapidly in form and tempo.

Digitising customer channels and internal operations has been a long-running initiative for most companies, and the global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the urgency and budgets associated with the digital transformations that technology and professional services companies support. The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook compiles a century of the authors’ experience of leading joint businesses to solve the problem of how to go fast and avoid common issues that delay alliances. The reader will get a detailed analysis of professional services companies and technology companies and how the dynamics of their collective culture and operating model are shaped when working in partnership. The book provides a ‘Blueprint’: a library of methods that includes 15 templates which can be applied to accelerate any alliance. The book also includes 19 case studies to illustrate real-life situations.

This book is particularly relevant to executives involved in partnership initiatives, specifically in professional services and technology firms, and can be read in conjunction with The Strategic Alliance Handbook by Mike Nevin.

Table of Contents

1. The evolving dynamics of alliances  2. Technology companies  3. Professional Services companies 4. Dynamics  5. VST A best practice model for alliance management  6. A Blueprint for Agile Alliances  7. Blueprint Stage 1 - Validate Market  8. Blueprint Stage 2 - Design Partnership  9. Blueprint Stage 3 - Enable Sales and Delivery  10. Blueprint Stage 4 - Originate and Pursuit  11. Blueprint Stage 5 - Contract and Deliver  12. Blueprint Stage 6 - Improve  13. The Future of Agile Alliances

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Gavin Booth is a career strategic alliances professional. His 23-year career managing alliances in fixed line and mobile telecoms and systems integrators and management consultants has encompassed a wide range of leadership roles in account management, pre-sales, product development, programme management and running consulting practices.

Mike Nevin is a highly experienced international strategic alliance consultant, coach and author. Mike was the founding Chairman of ASAP in Europe (the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals), and is Managing Director at Alliance Best Practice Ltd.

Jim Whitehurst has been working with alliances for the past 20 years managing global, European and UK partners. He was the UK Chairman of ASAP, a global organisation focused on developing best practice in the management of alliances, and is an Associate Director at Alliance Best Practice Ltd.


"We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – and ecosystems are the main reason why. Driven by strategic business and technology alliances, this action-oriented book provides the tactical advice leaders need to succeed in the decade of the ecosystem."

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems, Forrester Research, Inc.

"The Strategic Alliance Handbook is a great resource for understanding strategic alliances. But The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook goes one level deeper and gives readers the ability to put the principles into practice. It is packed with useful blueprints and templates that can be adapted to suit particular needs. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all practicing alliance managers."

Tina Gravel, SVP Channels and Alliances, Appgate

"If you are in the technology space, The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook is a MUST read. Technology companies are at an inflection point, and those invested in partnerships will far outpace those companies who lack this vision.  Booth, Nevin and Whitehurst, just created the bible for Alliance professionals and the c-suite."

Dave Mortell, Global Vice President Alliances & Channels, Cornerstone OnDemand

"A practical guide to partnerships that really packs a punch! This is an uber modern approach to alliances, suitable for partnering in the most agile and digitally evolving ecosystems. A partnerships blueprint with a unique blend of future-thinking that's grounded in decades worth of industry and leadership legacy. This is my new go-to source for optimising and sustaining value creation at every stage of tech and innovation alliances."

Erica Katsambis, Global Head of Strategic Alliances & Consumer Digital Partnerships, CKH Innovation

"What a great resource for this fast-paced, tumultuous era of change! The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook provides a compendium of practical and timely fundamentals for Alliance professionals."

Christine Neary, Global Microsoft Alliance Leader at Avanade

"It's one thing to acknowledge the importance of eco-systems in an ever more technology-driven world – it’s quite another to know how to harness the potential of the eco-system in creating business outcomes. The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook is by far the most comprehensive and practical guide to creating and sustaining successful business relationships. It’s the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ for the modern Alliances leader."

Paul McCluskey, VP/GM, Global Partner Engagement at Ciena Blue Planet

 ''If you recognise and practice alliances as a professional career, I would strongly recommend Mike's invaluable experiences and insights on using his alliance approach methodology. The nature of working with global IT services can be daunting and complex and you can definitely broaden your experiences and future-proof your knowledge to another level with The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook. It contains proven experience to optimise mutual investments for success''

Sid Sehdev, Regional Sales Alliance Manager, Global Outsourcers & System Integrators (GOSI) EMEA Emerging Markets, BMC Software

"The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook is set to establish itself as an essential toolbox for all aspiring alliance gurus who want to explore many different topics on alliance management. An easy-to-read, concise overview of the principles of building strategic alliances. It is written from a practical point of view using examples from several organizations."

Rajeev Ranjan, Director- SI Alliances, Newgen

"Filled with practical insights and examples from where the rubber meets the road in the field, The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook is a must-read for alliance leaders who want to set themselves apart from the herd. The emphasis on agile alliances is timely and spot-on!"

Gavin Simpson, VP Global Strategic Alliances at iCIMS

"Mike is a skilled and passionate ecosystem leader. His work contributes effectively to the advancement of business ecosystems as a competitive advantage for companies. The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook continues that tradition by providing practical help for ecosystem builders."

David Hayat, Founder, Tydex Group and Former Global MD, Accenture Global Ecosystem

"Strategic Alliances has been and will be a business tool / process which no company can live without. While at IBM, ABP’s assistance helped us define the processes which drove $10B per year. Even with IBM’s size, we needed the street knowledge our partners provided. Every C Level executive needs to read this playbook and learn how to win with alliances."

Jay Ennesser, Founder, Prane Holdings LLC, Retired IBM VP Global Alliances

"As The Strategic Alliance Handbook provided explanation and demonstration of strategic alliances, The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook partners and mentors with that knowledge to guide and enable quick transformation of plans and strategy to action giving you the edge to deliver your best alliance."

Rick Tolan, Digital Transformation Expert, Tolan-Hoechst & Associates

"What do you do if you're just starting out within the alliance field? How do you gain some real-world knowledge from someone who's been there and done it, lived & breathed it, and got both the t-shirt & scars to prove it? The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook is not some academic exercise, but a framework of processes, hacks & tried & tested examples, that will answer many of your questions, and guide you in building longevity and forge real bonds with your partners, whether you're a mere alliances Padawan, or a Jedi Master, this book should be an essential piece of kit in everyone's armoury."

Andy Pugh, Leader in cybersecurity, cloud, privacy, compliance, AI & eCommerce. Honorary STEM Ambassador & BIEA Special Advisor

"The high-calibre authors Gavin Booth, Mike Nevin, and James Whitehurst have created an invaluable asset for the experienced as well as the novice partner channel professional who are tasked with building out new or strengthening and expanding existing alliances relationships in this new era of partner ecosystems. Partner channels have changed so much since their early days 30 years ago and will remain dynamic in the future, transforming their position and value to align with the ever-adjusting market demands. The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook: The Art of Agile Alliances is a very well-written playbook with brilliantly curated content to provide best practices."

Richard Ludwig, Head of Partner Programs and Operations, Imperva

"The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook is a very practical and useful resource for Global Alliances leaders. I like the approach to combine three different perspectives. I am a big believer in the ‘blueprint’ proposed in the book. A MUST have guide for alliance sales leaders in the 21st Century!"

Vineet Sharma, Head of Global Alliance Sales, Rocket Software.

"The world of Alliances is complex and today, nothing has been as complete a guide as The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook created here. This guide, for sure, will become the bedside table book of all professionals in this field."

Julie Goubet, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, bChannels

"With partner ecosystems becoming the force multiplier for most go-to market strategies, this fieldbook should be kept close at hand for any professional wanting a guide to ensure their success. Professionals in alliances, partnerships, channel sales, indirect sales, corporate development, and even direct sales, all need to know the winning formulas in this book to create the recipes for hyper growth expected by today’s stakeholders."

Ward Christman, Co-Founder HRTechAlliances

"The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook is the perfect companion. Helps you benchmark your alliance performance and make sure success is had by all parties."

Ben Price, Channel and Alliances Manager, Leapwork.

"The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook helps alliance leaders who want to dramatically drive up client value and revenue by providing the blueprint for building value-added, agile alliances and achieving alliance-driven commercial success."

Preeta Raman, Head of Alliances Go to Market, Office of the CMO, vArmour

"A thought-provoking book, lasering in on the complexities facing alliances in the evolving post-pandemic, digital world. The progressive concept of the Agile Alliance is examined to decode the imperative need to drive speed-to-value. A must-read for any alliance professional in the high tech/services space."

Ashleigh Gray, VP Strategic Partnerships, Vidyard

"This book is a must read for every company who wants to be successful with their Partners and develop their Sales leveraging their Partner Ecosystems. The authors all clearly have a wealth of practical knowledge which they share without reserve. If you are an alliance executive, you should buy this book. You won’t regret it!"

Jean-Pierre Degonbert, CEO and Founder Alliances4Business

"If you are an alliance professional or just someone that wants to demystify the latest development in alliance practice, this has all the hallmarks of a seminal reference handbook. You will be thumbing through it for years to come to refresh your memory on the whys, what fors and what nots of strategic alliancing! Get the page markers out."

Sami Istephan, VP Global Alliances, BAE Systems

"Disruptions in today’s global business environment make strategic relationships critical for a company’s success. Mike, Gavin, and Jim’s handbook applies years of hands-on knowledge essential for alliance professionals to deliver high-quality results to their organization."

William Welch, Global Alliances and Strategy Professional

"We are facing drastic changes in the business relationships and buyers’ behaviours. In this highly interconnected world, trust and commitment are more than ever expected by the key stakeholders. Only by embedding those values can strategic alliances sustain your business and help you scale fast. How to build the perfect plan and execute accordingly? You will find the answers in The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook. The tools, advice and surgical content are powerful."

Eric Mamodaly, Global Sales & Alliances Management Executive, ADP

"Brilliant job from Mike, Jim and Gavin at providing a holistic and practical approach to strategic alliances. As with many areas of business, this domain is transforming fast, and they help readers to understand the context, scale and direction of this pivot to agility and growth driven progress in modern alliances. Also, a great read for anyone new to tech alliances, or keen to get a very thorough update."

Nicolas Caudron, Global ISVs Alliances Director, WW Retail & Consumer Goods Lead, Microsoft 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Nevin for 15+ years. As the founder of Alliance Best Practice Ltd, Mike has long been on the forefront of cutting-edge Alliance Professionals. Combining with his professional colleagues, publishing the "Strategic Alliances Fieldbook" couldn't come at a better time. While organizations continue to prioritize digital transformation within their enterprise, current business environments require much more agile alliances. This book will be a terrific tool for you to use in transforming your own "Alliance Best Practices"."

Steve Simmons, AVP, Strategic Partner Group, Cognizant

"A refreshing approach to strategic alliances' engagement transformation. A must read for Technology vendors seeking to influence customers' digital transformation outcomes. Customers' ecosystems are already complex and are becoming even more specialized, this blueprint could save hours of "trials" and fortified resource allocation in partnering strategically."

Angelica Martinez, Senior Director, Oracle Alliance and Channel, North-East Europe

"Alliances are increasingly important, especially for the many start-up companies that need to shift gears and address enterprises – yet most alliance managers' working mode is 'trial and error'! You can do better, and this book is the key to it!"

Stephan Neuner, Senior Partner Manager, Global and Strategic Alliances at Spryker

"With uncertain times and ever-changing priorities, alliance professionals are always navigating through the morass of balancing their company’s priorities with that of their partner. The Strategic Alliance Fieldbook provides alliance professionals a master class-level guide of how and how not to engage when navigating alliance planning, driving execution, and delivering joint success. The real-world case studies provide a variety of examples demonstrating how to partner and more importantly, partner well."

Liz Fuller, Vice President, Alliance Marketing & Strategic Programs at Citrix