1st Edition

The Structure of English Clauses

By David Young Copyright 1980
    390 Pages
    by Routledge

    406 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1980, this book provides a clear and practical introduction to a wide variety of English structures. It concentrates on a large and crucial area of English grammar, which covers units of higher rank than words, and structures that have verbs rather than nouns as their nuclear elements.

    Throughout the book, David Young focuses on the English language as it is actually spoken. At every point his discussion of syntax is closely integrated with meaning, and he pays particular attention to the ways in which speakers of English signal their intensions. The author points out how verbal patterning is meaningful, and outlines the criteria used by grammarians to distinguish one structure from another. The result is an analytical framework that can be applied to any real-life text in order to understand its structure.

    This is a book that will encourage a realistic, exploratory and investigative attitude towards the English language.



    List of Symbols

    1. Levels of linguistic structure

    2. Grammar and grammatical rules

    3. Clauses: meanings and structures

    4. Structural recursion

    5. Mood

    6. Mood tags

    7. Imperatives

    8. Modality

    9. Adjuncts and prepositional groups

    10. Complementation

    11. Phase

    12. Theme

    13. Voice

    14. The verbal group 1

    15. The verbal group 2

    16. Tense and aspect

    17. Clause complexes 1

    18. Clause complexes 2

    19. Bound clauses 1

    20. Bound clauses 2

    21. Reporting clauses

    22. Reported mood and reported speech

    23. Rankshift

    Appendix A: English intonation

    Appendix B: Passages of spoken text

    Notes and suggestions for further reading


    Key to exercises



    David Young