1st Edition

The Stuart Secret Army The Hidden History of the English Jacobites

By Evelyn Lord Copyright 2004

    This book is unique in bringing together all strands of English Jacobism in an accessible chronological framework, highlighting key individuals, providing a biographical dictionary of less well known English Jacobites, an account of the major primary source material, and a gazetteer of places to visit. It will appeal to any member of the general public who is interested in the Stuart cause and the Jacobite rebellions as well as those who would like to know more about 18th century society in the great house and the tavern.

    Introduction 1. Life in Eighteenth Century England 2. Principles, Plots and Discoveries 1689-1703 3. Spies, Ciphers and Riots 1702-1714 4. High Born Traitors 5. 1715 6. The Earl of Derwentwater 7. Sweden, Smugglers, the Bishop and the Black Acts, 1716-1735 8. The Trappings of Jacobitism 9. Sir John Hynde Cotton: The Jacobite and the Tory Partyu 10. 1745 11. Culloden and After Bibliography


    Evelyn Lord