1st Edition

The Study of Economic History Collected Inaugural Lectures 1893-1970

By N.B. Harte Copyright 2006
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    440 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First Published in 2005. This volume collects together the twenty-one inaugural lectures in economic history, eighteen of them delivered by professors of the subject in British universities between 1929 and 1970. To these, three earlier lectures have been appropriately added.



    1. The study of Economic History, W.J. Ashley (Harvard, 1893)

    2. The position and prospects of the study of Economic History, L.L. Price (Oxford, 1908)

    3. The aims of Economic History, George Unwin (Edinburgh, 1908)

    4. The study of Economic History, J.H. Clapham (Cambridge, 1929)

    5. The study of Economic History, G.N. Clark (Oxford, 1932)

    6. The study of Economic History, R.H. Tawney (L.S.E., 1932)

    7. On medieval history as a social study, Eileen Power ( L.S.E., 1933)

    8. The historical method in social science, M.M. Postan (Cambridge, 1939)

    9. Economic History at Oxford, W.K. Hancock (Oxford, 1946)

    10. The relation of Economic History to economic theory, T.S. Ashton (L.S.E., 1946)

    11. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: the Dark Ages in English Economic History?, F.J. Fisher (L.S.E., 1956)

    12. The study of modern Economic History, W. Ashworth (Bristol, 1958)

    13. Progress and the individual in Economic History, A.J. Youngson (Edinburgh, 1959)

    14. The place of Economic History in historical studies, J.D. Chambers (Nottingham, 1960)

    15. Time and place, M.W. Beresford (Leeds, 1960)

    16. The historian's profession, S.G.E. Lythe (Strathclyde, 1963)

    17. Economic History - A science of society?, Sidney Pollard (Sheffield, 1964)

    18. History and the social sciences, Ralph Davis (Leicester, 1965)

    19. Economic growth: the economic and social historian's dilemma, A.W. Coats (Nottingham, 1966)

    20. Economic History as a social science, W.A. Cole (Swansea, 1967)

    21. Living with the neighbours: the role of Economic History, Peter Mathias (Oxford, 1970)



    N.B Harte, Lecturer in Economic History, University College, London.