1st Edition

The Study of Society Methods and Problems

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    514 Pages
    by Routledge

    There is today widespread recognition of the fact that the future of human civilization depends to a high degree upon Man’s capacity to understand the forces and factors which control his own behaviour. Such understanding must be achieved, not only as regards individual conduct, but equally as regards the mass phenomena resulting from group contacts, which are becoming increasingly intimate and influential. Until this present volume, nowhere have the three sciences of sociology, psychology and social anthropology been properly mobilized to deal with the social problems which yearly grow more pressing. The essays in this book aim to address this.

    Part 1. Some Problems of Social Psychology  1. Some Problems and Topics of Contemporary Social Psychology T.H. Pear  2. Suggestions for Research in Social Psychology F.C. Bartlett  3. The Relation of Psychopathology to Social Psychology J.T. MacCurdy  4. Modern Trends in Child Psychology M. Collins  5. Problems of terminology in the Social Sciences R.H. Thouless  Part 2. Social Applications of Psychological Tests and Other Methods  6. Scientific Method and the Use of Statistics R.H. Thouless  7. Intelligence Tests J.M. Blackburn  8. The Application of Intelligence Tests in the Anthropological Field S.F. Nadel  9. Questionnaires, Attitude Tests, and Rating Scales P.E. Vernon  10. Some Methods of Assessing Temperament and personality C.J.C. Earl  11. The Work of the Vocational Adviser A. Rodger  Part 3. Some Methods of Social Anthropology  12. The Development of Field Work Methods in Social Anthropology A.I. Richards  13. The Interview Technique in Social Anthropology S.F. Nadel  14. The Collection and Analysis of Folk-Lore E.J. Lindgren  Part 4. Some Methods of Sociology  15. The Methods of Social Case Workers S. Clement Brown 16. The Value of Team Work and Functional Penetration as Methods in Social Investigation O.A. Oeser 17. The Study of Social Groups in Industry E. Farmer  18. Social Surveys A.F. Wells  19. The Problems and Methods of Sociology M. Ginsberg


    F.C. Bartlett