1st Edition

The Sudanese Communist Party Ideology and Party Politics

By Tareq Ismael Copyright 2013
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book serves as a case study of the Sudanese Communist Party and its impact as a grassroots movement that championed the Sudanese people. It accomplishes this by providing a rich narrative that details the SCP's inception, main players, important milestones and values of the Party. In this narrative, the author not only delivers a comprehensive examination of the party components, he guides readers through their connections to one another, but also associates them, and the party, to Sudanese society at large. Using original party documents and interviews with leading figures, this book is the first time this subject has been detailed so extensively in one publication. It is also the only up-to-date work available on the subject and includes analysis of the most recent party congress and the division of the Sudan and creation of the newly independent Republic of South Sudan.

    1. Emergence and Rise of the Party  2. The Party and Sudanese Politics after Independence  3. The Party and the Nimîrî Regime  4. The SCP in Post-Nimîrî Sudan  5. The Party and Al-Bashîr Regime  6. Crisis in the Party  7. Renewal of the Party  8. Party Positions on Regional and Local Issues  9. The Legacy of the Sudanese Communist Party


    Tareq Y. Ismael is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary, Canada and is the Secretary General of the International Association of Middle Eastern Studies. He has published extensively on the Middle East, Iraq, international studies and political ideologies of the Middle East.