The Supreme Command, 1914-1918 (Routledge Revivals) : Volume II book cover
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The Supreme Command, 1914-1918 (Routledge Revivals)
Volume II

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ISBN 9781138800908
Published January 7, 2016 by Routledge
478 Pages

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Book Description

Lord Hankey (1877-1963) was a British civil servant and the first Cabinet Secretary, a top aide to Prime Minister David Lloyd George and the War Cabinet that directed Britain in World War One. Mostly derived from the author’s diaries, which began in March 1915, this study describes how Lord Hankey contributed to the development of the British system of Cabinet Government during the war years. First published in 1961, the two-volume collection is a history of the Supreme Command of the War; the conduct of the war, the development of the Supreme Command from Balfour to Lloyd George, and the emergence of the Cabinet Secretariat from the Secretariat of the War Cabinet. It contains intimate glimpses of the statesmen, sailors and soldiers who guided affairs towards 1918. This is a fascinating first-hand examination of the people who influenced the conduct of the war, and will be of particular value to students interested in its diplomatic history.

Table of Contents

Part V: The War Committee 41. Reorganization of the Supreme Command 42. Developments in the Allied Supreme Command 43. The Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula 44. The Beginning of the War of Attrition 45. National Military Services 46. Peace Kites 47. Italy 48. The War at Sea. U-Boat Warfare – Jutland 49. Preparation for the Western Offensive – Tanks 50. The Death of Lord Kitchener 51. The Summer Offensive, 1916 52. The Dardanelles and Mesopotamia Commissions 53. New Allies 54. Organization of the Supreme Command at the end of 1916 55. The Fall of the First Coalition Government; Part VI: The War Cabinet and Imperial War Cabinet 56. Dictatorship in Commission 57. The Secretariat 58. Problems of the War Cabinet 59. War Aims, Policy and Plans for 1917 60. General Nivelle 61. The Submarine Problem 62. The Convoy System 63. Changes at the Admiralty 64. The Imperial War Cabinet, 1917 65. Strain 66. The War Policy Committee, 1917 67. The Battle of Flanders; Part VII: The Supreme War Council 68. The Creation of the Supreme War Council 69. The Launch of the Supreme War Council 70. The First Versailles Meeting 71. Peace Probes 72. Man Power and American Assistance, 1918 73. The Adjustment of the Line: The Western Front Revisited 74. The Supreme War Council at Work, January 1918 75. The Supersession of Sir William Robertson 76. The 21st March, 1918 77. Reflections on the German Offensive 78. The Threat to Paris 79. High Tide 80. The Committee of Prime Ministers 81. Knocking Away the Props 82. The German Armistice 83 The Journey Home; Index; Plates; Map

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