1st Edition

The Symbolic Foundations of Conditioned Behavior

By Charles R. Gallistel, John Gibbon Copyright 2002
    208 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    206 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The goal of this book is to persuade students of animal learning that cognitive theorizing is essential for an understanding of the phenomena revealed by conditioning experiments. The authors also hope to persuade the cognitive psychology community that conditioning phenomena offer such a strong empirical foundation for a rigorous brand of cognitive psychology that the study of animal learning should reclaim a more central place in the field of psychology.

    Contents: Preface. Series Preface. Introduction. Response Timing. Acquisition. Cue Competition and Inhibitory Conditioning. Extinction. Backward, Secondary, and Trace Conditioning. Operant Choice. The Challenge for Associative Theory.


    Gallistel, Charles R.; Gibbon, John

    "...the enjoyable challenge in this book of coming to terms with an intriguing and, at times, elegant new theoretical perspective....The book should serve as a valuable spur to further research that will enhance our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of learning."
    Contemporay Psychology