1st Edition

The Tao of the West Western Tranformations of Taoist Thought

By J.J. Clarke Copyright 2000
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    284 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In this book, J.J. Clarke shows us how Taoist texts, ideas, and practices have been assimilated within a whole range of Western ideas and agendas. We see how Chinese thinkers such as Lao-tzu and Chuang tzu, along with practices such as Feng Shui and Tai Chi, have been used as a key Western inspiration in religion, philosophy, ethics, politics, ecology and health.
    The Tao of the West not only provides a fascinating introduction to Taoism, it also offers a timely insight into the history of the West's encounter with this ancient tradition, and into the issues arising from inter-cultural dialogue. Anyone interested in understanding the key influence Taoism has had on the West will welcome and embrace this book.

    Preface, 1 ‘The Way that can be told’: introduction, 2 ‘The meaning is not the meaning’: on the nature of Daoism, 3 ‘Cramped scholars’: Western interpretations of Daoism, 4 ‘The Great Clod’: Daoist natural philosophy, 5 ‘Going rambling without destination’: moral explorations, 6‘The transformation of things’: the alchemy of life, sex and health, 7 ‘The Way is incommunicable’: transcendence, 8 ‘The twitter of birds’: philosophical themes, 9 ‘Journey to the West’: by way of concluding, Appendix I: Chinese dynastic chronology, Appendix II: Wade–Giles/Pinyin conversion table, Notes, Bibliography, Name index, Subject index


    J.J Clarke has taught philosophy at McGill University, Montreal, and at the University of Singapore, and is currently Reader in History of Ideas at Kingston University, UK. He is the author of In Search of Jung, Jung and Eastern Thought, and Oriental Enlightenment: The Encounter Between Asian and Western Thought, all published by Routledge.

    'John brings a wealth of knowledge and historical understanding to bear, which enriches the reader's perspective.' - David Lorimer