1st Edition

The Templar's Curse

By Evelyn Lord Copyright 2008
    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    On the 18th March 1314, in Paris, Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and Geoffroi de Charney, preceptor of the Knights Templar in Normandy, are led to the stake. Before the pyre at their feet is set alight, Jacques de Molay speaks to the watching crowd, proclaiming a curse on those who had wrongly condemned them.

    A month later Pope Clement V, who had helped to condemn the Knights Templar, died. Their chief persecutor, Phlip IV of France, followed him to the grave a few months later. And famine, plague and revolt were to follow. Was the Templar’s curse coming home to roost?

    The Templar’s Curse shows the Knights Templar under arrest, torture and trial, followed by penance for life. Chronicling the dissolution of the order after the trial in 1307, this fascinating new book investigates the consequences of the Templar’s persecution and their mysterious legacy. Curses, cruelty, political intrigue, revenge…the true story of the Knights Templar is better than fiction!

    Prologue; Chapter 1 The foundation of the Order; Chapter 2 Crusade; Chapter 3 Exploits in the East; Chapter 4 Medieval Europe at the time of the Knights Templar; Chapter 5 The Templars in the West; Chapter 6 The fall of Acre and the doomed man; Chapter 7 Rumours and arrests; Chapter 8 The French trial begins; Chapter 9 The Knights Templar at the stake; Chapter 10 The Knights Templar on trial in Britain; Chapter 11 More Templar trials; Chapter 12 The supression of the Order and the fate of Jacques de Molay; Chapter 13 Were the Knights Templar guilty?; Chapter 14 Who were the Knights Templar?; Chapter 15 The Templar legend; Conclusion;


    Lord, Evelyn