5th Edition

The Territories of the Russian Federation 2004

By Imogen Gladman Copyright 2004
    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    An insight into the often-neglected regional dimension of the politics and economy of the Russian Federation.
    This survey includes individual territory surveys, and provides geographical, historical, economic and directory data as well as some 100 current maps.

    Part one supplies essential background to the Federation, including:
    * An essay covering the region as a whole, which analyses the complex relationship between the territories and the Federation
    * Statistics of major demographic and economic indicators
    * Details of the Government of the Russian Federation.

    Part two is comprised of the territorial surveys, which include:
    * A map, plus geographical and demographic information
    * Historical details, followed by a description of the current political situation
    * An economic survey presenting the latest available statistics
    * A directory of names and addresses of the leading political and administrative officials.

    Parts three and four include:
    * A select books bibliography
    * Territories indexed alphabetically, and by both Federal District and Economic Area.


    Imogen Gladman

    'This is a compact and convenient volume of essential information for anyone dealing with Russia either for study or business.' - British East-West Journal

    'If it is your business to either study or do business in Russia then (The Territories of the Russian Federation) is essential reading.' - Travel IQ