2nd Edition

The Theory of Constraints Applications in Quality Manufacturing, Second Edition

By Robert E. Stein Copyright 1997

    Aiming to change the paradigms of traditional management strategies, this work attempts to create an improved platform within the total quality management umbrella for supporting the profit motive by offering hands-on instructions for applying the theory of constraints in the manufacturing system. The book provides updated information in each area discussed.

    Creating the process of continuous profit improvement; dealing with the physical environment; analyzing policy constraints - the TOC thinking process; correcting the decision process; improving on just-in-time - the DBR process; the attributes of a TOC-based TQM program; developing a TOC-based TQM infrastructure; TOC and process/ product design; statistical process control - an introduction; TOC and statistical process control; TOC and experimental design; the TOC-based information system; TOC in supply chain management; implementing TOC in a manufacturing environment; facing the strategic issues. Glossary. Appendix: normal and F tables.


    Robert E. Stein

    ". . .very useful. . ..contains many insights on how TOC thinking could change the way to apply other useful tools. "
    ". . .offers serious practical advise, including recession proofing."
    ---The Essential Object-Oriented Library for Business Engineering