1st Edition

The Theory of Stochastic Processes

By D.R. Cox, H.D. Miller Copyright 1977
    412 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    412 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book provides an introductory account of the mathematical analysis of stochastic processes. It is helpful for statisticians and applied mathematicians interested in methods for solving particular problems, rather than for pure mathematicians interested in general theorems.

    1. Introduction 2. The Random Walk 3. Markov Chains 4. Markov Processes with Discrete States in Continuous Time 5. Markov Processes in Continuous Time with Continuous State Space 6. Non-Markovian Processes 7. Stationary Processes: Time Domain 8. Stationary Processes: Frequency Domain 9. Point Processes


    Cox, D.R.

    "This is an important book which will also, I believe, be very successful..it is a carefully written and illuminating account of stochastic processes, writtenat a level which will make it useful to a large class of readers, certain as a consequence to be widely read, and thus a work of considerable importance."
    -The Australian Journal of Statistics

    "Here is a clear and readable exposition of everything in stochastic process theory that the non-specialist is likely to want to know."

    "This book continues an authoritative line of published work in this field which concerns so much current work..The material is presented in a style which, together with the production and price, commands only one conclusion - buy it and use it."
    -ASLIB Book List