1st Edition

The Therapist's Pregnancy Intrusion in the Analytic Space

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the first book-length examination of the impact of pregnancy on the therapeutic process, Fenster, Phillips, and Rapoport explore the variety of clinical, technical, and practical issues that arise out of the therapist's impending motherhood.

    Introduction1. Overview of the Literature2. The Fenster Study: Longitudinal Findings on Twenty-two Pregnant Therapists3. Transference Themes and Patterns of Response4. Countertransference Reactions During the Therapist's Pregnancy5. Alterations in the Treatment Process: Implications for Technique6. Management of Practical Issues7. Treatment of the Adolescent Girl During the Therapist's Pregnancy8. The Pregnant Therapist as Group Leader9. Supervising the Pregnany Therapist10. The Homosexual Patient and the Analyst's Pregnancy11. The Impact of Motherhood on the Therapist 


    Sheri Fenster, Suzanne B. Phillips, Estelle R.G. Rapoport

    "The Therapist's Pregnancy provides a thoughtful and practical guide to therapist and clinical supervisor alike, extending beyond the realm of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to other treatment modalities as well....It serves as a compilation of previously scattered studies on the impact of pregnancy, additionally presenting the results of an unpublished longitudinal study by Fenster.  Throughout the book's 11 chapters, a range of issues is covered, from theoretical discussions of how pregnancy elicits specific transference and countertransference themes to the nuts-and-bolts issues of accepting or not accepting gifts after the baby's birth and fielding often intrusive questions by the patient."

    - Ira J. Schaer, Contemporary Psychology

    "As a pregnant therapist and as a supervisor of pregnant clinicians, I have experienced many of the issues detailed by the authors.  I have shared literature, experience, and impressions in a somewhat haphazard fashion with my pregnant therapist colleagues.  This book brings all the relevant literature together and adds new directions to the extant material.  I commend the authors for an impressive, creative, and much-needed volume."

    - Elissa P. Benedek, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease