1st Edition

The Third World Calamity

By Brian May Copyright 1981

    First published in 1981, The Third World Calamity is a controversial book on the social conditions, politics, economics and cultural barriers that have, according to the author, stagnated Western-style socio-economic development in the Third World. The book deals particularly with India, Iran and Nigeria, where the author has gathered a large part of the material. The content of the book and the language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this republication. This book will be of interest to students of history, political science, international relations, and geography.

    Preface 1. As they were 2. The lesson of Iran 3. Plutocrats and slaves 4. Pointing backwards 5. The subsistence constant 6. The misapplied model 7. The political fungus 8. The World Bank paradox 9. Cultural barriers 10. Dead-end societies 11. A hypothesis Notes Index


    Brian May